Gardain Glimmerstone is a a cleric of Dumathoin, Dwarf god of mining, underground exploration, and caretaker of the dead. Gardain began his priestly duties by working in the mines, and worked his way up to being a supervisor of mine safety. During this time, he served the dual purpose of tending to the dead who often result in mining expeditions. Gardain volunteered for the trip to Nexus because he wished to accompany the Dwarves who were assigned to explore and mine rare elements from the Island. He knew that in this strange new environment his services would be needed to help the souls of the dying find peace in the afterlife.


Nexus Expedition, Day One …. Highsummer, Godsday, 28th   

Ψ  This book will serve as my logbook of the Expedition. In my opinion, it was a dire potent that the expedition began on Godsday which is usually set aside for worship and rest. No amount of prayer or meditation could shake my feeling that I would not be returning from this journey into the unknown. May the gods be with us. 


Gardain Glimmerstone



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