Garadain Glimmerstone is a cleric of Dumathoin, the Dwarven god of mining and death. He has taken a vow of poverty, so he is not involved with the expedition to gain wealth or property. He is simply dedicated to helping the dying move on to eternal rest. When he entered the Gate with his companions, he had a deep and abiding feeling that he would not return. Since arriving in the city of Highpoint, the expedition has gone terribly wrong.  The focus of the mission has changed … from exploration to survival.


Nexus Expedition, Unknown Date. The Day of Blood Rain

Ψ  We have made camp and organized as best we can. We sent a small group back to the city to find a way inside. I am considering gathering a few sturdy Dwarves to send out seeking caverns which may lead into the city, as well. But it would likely be a wild goose chase.

Today, blood rained from the sky. We became aware of an odd disturbance in the sky between a huge creature that resembled a flying whale and several ships which sailed through the air as easily as water. The blood fell from the whale-beast like rain. We watched as one of the ships plummeted into the city, crashing near the middle. Hopefully none of our spies were injured when the ship fell, but it will be hours before they report back to us. We observed another ship falling from the sky and our Paladin decided to ride out and investigate. When he did not return promptly, Krell rode out to assist.

A short time later, I decided to follow. What I found was curious. It was crashed ship, indeed, much like seaworthy boats from home. All around lay the bodies of murdered Bugbears.  Assuming that it was the work of my companions, I watched as Krell’s dog rushed into the breach in the side of the ship.  I became aware of a blood trail leading to a wagon, and decided to follow the trail. Either one of the Bugbear sailors escaped the wrath of my companions, or one of my unit was out there injured.

Following the trail, I finally discovered one of the Bugbears riding a large Ant. Deciding that the Bugbear was an enemy from the evidence at the crash site, I summoned a Spirit Hammer and smashed the creature to death. Afterwards, I did the same with the Ant. Going back to the crash site, I eventually discovered my companions in the larder feasting on dried meats. The ship will provide us with much needed supplies, as well as, finely crafted silver weapons. We may even be able to repair the craft with any luck. Only the Reaper knows what the future holds for us.

Gardain Glimmerstone


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