Gardain Glimmerstone is a a cleric of Dumathoin, Dwarf god of mining, underground exploration, and caretaker of the dead. Gardain began his priestly duties by working in the mines, and worked his way up to being a supervisor of mine safety. During this time, he served the dual purpose of tending to the dead who often result in mining expeditions. Gardain volunteered for the trip to Nexus because he wished to accompany the Dwarves who were assigned to explore and mine rare elements from the Island. Since arriving, the expedition has gone terribily wrong. Forced to abandon Highport, the remaining members of the Nexus Expeditionary Force struggle simply to survive in this alien landscape.


Nexus Expedition, Unknown Date. 23 days remaining at best guess. 

Ψ  We have captured the airship that we saw crash land. It was originally piloted by Mindflayers. The vessel is low on power, and damaged. We have figured out how to navigate it using two helms. It can also be operated less effectively by remote control using wands.

Additionally, we discovered a wealth of masterwork weapons and armor forged of a strange metal we simply have called “ILLITHID STEEL” on the ship. I theorize that the equipment was being shipped somewhere for sale as cargo. However, I dread knowing what type of being would trade with Mindflayers.

After investigating the ship, we decided to use it to seek out  the second ship that we witnessed crash into the interior of the city. This ship seems to be powered by energy sapped from the spirit of the user. Piloting the ship proved tricky at first but part of its inherent magical abilities is to make flying the ship user-friendly. We flew the ship into the city, hovering about 60 feet above.

We were hailed by a second Mindflayer ship, the one that we saw crash land earlier. We decided to destroy them before they discovered our true identify. Using the weapons helm, our Wizard cast Magic Missile through the ship’s exterior weapon. The ship amplified the spell immensely, and literally obliterated the enemy vessel leaving only wreckage and smoking crater.  

At this point, something happened in the city to cause chaos. The golems began to go haywire. Unsure of what to do next, we hovered over Highpoint to observe and discuss how to best take advantage of the situation. An ache gnawed at my stomach as we watched the main tower in the city slowly gleam with the same gruesome blue light that had nearly killed us all previously. The blue concentrated into a beam, and shot out into the mountains. Only the gods know what will happen next.


Gardain Glimmerstone
Gardain Glimmerstone



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