Gardain Glimmerstone is a a cleric of Dumathoin, Dwarf god of mining, underground exploration, and caretaker of the dead. Gardain began his priestly duties by working in the mines, and worked his way up to being a supervisor of mine safety. During this time, he served the dual purpose of tending to the dead who often result in mining expeditions. Gardain volunteered for the trip to Nexus because he wished to accompany the Dwarves who were assigned to explore and mine rare elements from the Island. Since arriving, the expedition has gone terribily wrong. Forced to abandon Highport, the remaining members of the Nexus Expeditionary Force struggle simply to survive in this alien landscape.


Nexus Expedition, Unknown Date.  The Hanger.

Ψ  We landed the ship on the pad, and made our way through the hanger towards the tower and the man that seemed be be the harbormaster. Our welcome was less than warm. Apparently, this facility was only visited by those invited there. Not only that, but we arrived in a Mindflayer vessel which clearly was a ship crewed by their enemies. After what I felt was a long negotiation, we finally managed to make a deal for trade during which we stumbled upon a cure for the Flesh to Crystal effect. The people here call it “The Water of Life.”

We met with their leaders over a formal dinner. The people here appear to be all Planetouched.  Meaning, in my mind, that they are all gathered here from other Planes. However, comments were made that this Plane is a “trap” and difficult to leave. A few claimed that there were ways out of the Plane, but suggested that we wouldn’t want to leave because this place has everything we’d ever want. I remain convinced that this place enchants those who dwell here, making them desire to stay within its borders.

Additionally, information was gained about the city of Highpoint. Apparently out mission – our goal – was a trap as well. The city of Highpoint contains what these people call “an Ancient Evil” and apparently in going to the city we released it. The city itself is gone, melted away like an illusion. All that remained when we flew over it was the tower. 

In any case, Krell tested the “Water of Life” and discovered that it did cure him. However, the cure came with a price. In order to expel whatever creature had infected his mind, Krell had to battle it within his mind and soul. To be cured, each affected member of our party will have to engage in the same battle. Many of them are not as strong willed as our Barbarian friends. Many may die.

We have now secured enough “Life Water” to cure abut half of the 400 affected by the Crystal Curse. We obtained this through trading goods and weapons from the Mindflayer vessel. Additionally, we have agreed to attack the Bugbear village that we scouted out a few days back. Apparently our business associates would be pleased if the Bugbears ceased to exist. Because we need the Water to help our people, we have agreed to exterminate the Bugbears. 

We are learning more about this strange land, and the knowledge darkens my soul. I feel still that coming here was a mistake. I believe that our old mission of securing the city of Highpoint has failed. Our new mission, in my eyes, is to cure our afflicted and then find a way out of this Plane. 


Gardain Glimmerstone


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