Garadain Glimmerstone is a member of The City State of Nexus Expeditionary Force sent by the Elders to secure a newly discovered land.  When he entered the Gate with his companions, he had a deep and abiding feeling that he would not return from this expedition. Arriving in the city of Highpoint, he felt it was foreign and unsettling. All the more after exploration. After a series of unfortunate events, Gardain and his companions have come to the city of Spire seeking aid. In exchange for this assistance,  Gardain has essentially become a mercenary. And that is what leads him to the Ant Farm.


Nexus Expedition, Unknown Date. The Ant Farm. 

Ψ  Days and nights have run together as there is no night in this godless plane. While our companions are recuperating, recovering, and resting, I have decided to take a skiff provided by our new employer to scout out the Ant Farm associated with the Bug Bear village we have been hired to sack. Because he is a valuable asset, I have decided to take The Paladin with me on this mission. The rest of the crew would wait out of sight to await a signal to come in and gather loot.

Arriving at the Ant Farm, we discovered that it had been invaded by Giant Bees. We had to fight several of the creatures on the way into the underground facility. Apparently, the Bugbears had been running this farm for some time, harvesting honey for foodstuffs and mead. While I inspected a large cache of goods, the Paladin discovered that the Bees were using the carcasses of the Ants to propagate. He put cleansing fire to several huts containing eggs and breeders. Going inside the farm itself, we discovered that the Bugbears had attempted to use barricades to stop the incursion, but were unsuccessful. 

We spoke at length with two Bugbear sentinels who were more than pleased to tell us everything they knew once The Reaper loosened their lips. I find Speaking With The Dead much more informative than with the Living. While I gathered information, the Paladin discovered a small band of bugbears who had survived the Bees and were planning egress from the facility. We agreed to allow the Bugbears to depart the farm, and then searched out the source of the Bee Hive with the thought in mind of slaying the Queen.

After finding the Hive, we decided to retreat back to a safer location to plan an attack. Sending a message to the ship, we requested assistance from the others. I left the Paladin to stand watch while I settled down to begin my rituals with Dumathoin, The Reaper. May his dark eyes watch over us.


Gardain Glimmerstone


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