Gardain Glimmerstone is a cleric of Dumathoin, Dwarf god of mining, underground exploration, and caretaker of the dead. Gardain began his priestly duties by working in the mines, and worked his way up to being a supervisor of mine safety. During this time, he served the dual purpose of tending to the dead who often result in mining expeditions. Gardain volunteered for the trip to Nexus because he wished to accompany the Dwarves who were assigned to explore and mine rare elements from the Island. He knew that in this strange new environment his services would be needed to help the souls of the dying find peace in the afterlife.

Gardain Glimmerstone


Nexus Expedition, Unknown Date. The Mines. Expedition to the Undead Barrier.


  1. Gardain Glimmerstone:  Priest
  2. Fanrael Malwesal: Mage
  3. Krell: Barbarian
  4. Thoven Serpenthelm: Ranger
  5. Eilora Arroway: Druid
  6. Aeranthalus: Ranger
  7. Falion: Paladin
  8. Dray: Assassin

Ψ   After a much needed rest, I met with the rest of the Company outside the Mines. They reported that an unidentified skiff was encountered upon their arrival, but that it rabbited after a brief skirmish. Leaving the Dwarven Ship in Aeranthalus’s command, the rest of the Company followed me into the Mines. I explained recent events with the Gnolls, Dwarves, and the Vampire.

We agreed to explore deeper into the mines to locate the Barrier of Skulls and Bones talked about by the Dwarves. Our Ranger guide, Thoven, used his potent Nature magic to obscure us with a Hunter’s Veil so that any foes would be unable to see our approach. Our expedition led us to a large cavern, the ceiling lost in darkness and our way forward blocked by the macabre wall literally composed of the skeletal remains of different kinds of creatures, writing and chittering with life beyond death.

Staring at the strange undead creature, I decided that I would call upon the power of Dumathoin to Turn the monstrosity from our presence. I touched my holy symbol, and saw Krell toss a rock at the Undead Barrier. It hit solidly, and knocked a jawbone from one of the skulls. I stared at him, frowning fiercely. 

Using a combination of arcane magic, and channeled power from Dumathoin, we were able to force the Undead Barrier back away from us. However, when Dumathoin’s Light filled the cavern, it pierced the magical darkness concealing the ceiling of the cavern. There, lurking on the ceiling, we saw a huge Roper. It was the largest I had ever seen!  A Roper typicality stands some 9 feet tall and tapers from 3 or 4 feet in diameter at the base to 1 foot across at the top. This one was easily 22 feet long!


Most encounters with a roper begin when it fires strong, sticky strands. The creature can have up to six strands at once, and they can strike up to 50 feet away. A roper hunts by standing very still and imitating a bit of rock. This tactic often allows it to attack with surprise. When prey comes within reach, it lashes out with its strands. In melee, it reels in its prey and devours them with its powerful maw. Still stunned, I managed to shout to my companions. 

“FIRE!” I shouted. “BURN IT WITH FIRE!”



ψ  The battle with the gigantic Roper remains a blur to me. I still cannot tell you exactly what happened. I remember only being in shock, and mouthing prayers to my god to help me best serve my Companions. I remember seeing that Thoven and Eilora were grappled right away, and being reeled into the creature’s snapping mouth filled with rows of shark teeth. Krell was lashing out in a rage, cutting at the tentacle strands. I lost sight of Dray, hoping that the assassin would be able to somehow find a vital point on  the titanic monster. Fanrael was chanting in his spidery magic language, unleashing arcane fury –  but eventually he was grappled by the sticky tentacles as well!  I called out to Dumathoin, praying that my Companions would be filled with a Beacon of Hope in this frightening moment of time. Finally, I loaded my atlatl and hurled one of the Illithid-metal javelins to pierce the monster’s eye. Then, I prayed to Dumathoin to heat the metal javelin, searing the monster with the glowing red heat of the metal.  In the end, Dray saved us all. He waited for the most effective moment, and tossed one of his posion bottles into the Roper’s maw. Within moments, the creature was poisoned, and unconscious. With a few precise thrusts, Dray slayed the monster. 



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