348 AC stands for the three hundredth and forty-eighth year following the Cataclysm, during the Time of Darkness in the Age of Despair. During this time, many events took place and no one historian could record all of the things that took place on the face of Krynn. Many historians refer to this year as the beginning of the War of the Lance, extending to the year 352 AC. Others call it the Time of Darkness. Regardless of its title, it was a time when the gods fought against each other, walking among the mortals. Good strove against Evil. Takhisis ravaged the land, and Paladine chose a small band of Companions to be his Champions.

But there are other events that occurred during that time. Events that were no small feat, but simply went unnoticed and unsung. They are the events between the events, the small cracks that later allowed the dam to burst open wide. On such moment of time took place in the small border town of New Godshome. You will find no record of this frontier village while studying the War of the Lance. However, it was the first crack in the defenses of the Southern Dragonarmy.

This is that story. How much of this tale is real history and how much is legend is unknown. Although much of it has the ring of truth. As for the rest, I offer the Dwarven saying for situations such as these: “Legend is history of actual events condensed down so that even a gully dwarf could understand them.”

And so now we here the tale that exists between the two written lines in the History of Krynn: “348 AC: Nordmaar falls in the North to the Dragonarmies.” and “348 AC: “The Heroes of the Lance defeat Lord Verminaard in the mines of Pax Tharkas.”

Don’t blink. You might miss it.



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