Free to Steal-Upcoming Hubris Session Map- Using a One Page Dungeon Format


Wrathofzombie's Blog

First off- to my players- DON’T READ!  Ok- now that has been said…

In my Hubris campaign the players were recently saved by Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence and were told that they must find out who is killing whores in Fairweather, their purpose, and stop them.

The characters are going to find out that a wizard has found a page of the Book of Vile Darkness  (although it’s not a real page- a darker force has sent out copies of certain pages that corrupt the reader, driving them mad) and it shows how to tear open the Void and bring forth horrors.

This adventure does reference aspects of my campaign, like the Mewling Babe, magic items, spells (like Summon), etc.  Feel free to replace stuff.

I found the map at Maps of Mastery and just used Publisher to add the numbers and key it up.


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