This is what I finished in March and April. Doesn’t look like much but it’s more than I have accomplished in two years since the birth of my son. As you can see, there is a unit of Bastions, two units of Exemplar Knights, and a unit of Cinerators. Also, Epic Kreoss is in there with a Seneschal solo. I bought the lighter colored Knights from a friend so they just needed reattached to bases and touched up. Although I bought the Cinerators and Bastions on eBay already painted, the paint jobs were bad. I repainted them, and finally had to just say “Finished!” at one point because of all the fiddly details and stuff.

I’m certainly not an expert painter. I slap paint, and that’s it. But I enjoy doing it. It gives me time to relax and focus. Takes my mind off of my troubles for awhile. In my line of work, they call it Personal Medicine. An activity that helps to relieve stress and make the problems of the day just melt away.

So that’s about it for now. I managed to get some paint on a few of those Protectorate units. My next big push is to get some of my Warjacks painted. We’ll see what I can get done in June.

Until then, Keep Rollin’ Sixes.

–  the PG formally known as … Big Rich


(Above) Knights Exemplar … dark scheme … very simply done with three color plan. Get them done and on the table.


Getting them done … and ready for the table!


Keep rollin’ sixes!


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