“Anything but a one.” “Crap!”

“Aeranthalus steeled himself as he drew back the string of his longbow and took aim at the oblivious Wyverns with arrows dipped in confusion poison. Sproing! Slackjawed disbelief pained his face as the bow leapt away from him like a frightened animal. The arrow managed to take flight, but wobbled through the air to perfectly flick a Wyvern annoyingly in the nose. The Wyvern was already in a foul mood as its gaze slowly rose to rest on Aeranthalus.” – The Nexus Expedition, Aeranthalus Chronicles, written by J.S.

"I rolled a "1" when the Elven Ranger tried to shoot a Wyvern.
Big Green rolled a 1. Naughty dice. That’s a week of darkness for you.


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