This armor was forged long ago for a fighter named Iza. The suit was made of normal Rhino Hide armor and enhanced with magics. Iza became a legend in Waterdep, the City of Spendors. In fact, he was the mascot for the Blue Mermaid tavern for quite a time. He was known for hiring out his services to those brave or fooslish enough to enter the Halls of Undermountain. He never returned from one of his expeditions into Undermountain, and it is assumed that his armor remains hidden in the maze of that Hall.

This +4 hide armor is made from tough rhinoceros hide with iron studs running across the seams. When donned, the armor adjusts to fit the wear perfectly. In addition to granting a +4 enhancement bonus to AC, it also increases the wear’s basic speed to 50. Also, the armor grants the wearer great strength, adding a +2 enhancement bonus to his Strength score. Lastly, the armor features a long, wicked rhinoceros horn on the helm. This is a built-in weapon, allowing the wearer to charge at enemies and gore them. The wear gains the ability make an attack using his or her Strength as an attack modifier. A successful hit with the horn during a charge deals 4d6+24 damage.

Price 5,165 gp; Cost 2,665 gp + 400 XP.




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