The Glimmering Bow appears to be an unstrung composite longbow made of strong, polished wood weighing about 3 pounds. When it is picked up, the person holding the bow immediately feels that the bow is enchanted, however the user must attune herself to the bow before fully understanding its properties. Attunement is accomplished by spending a short rest concentrating on the bow and must be uninterrupted.  Casting an Identify spell on the bow will reveal its properties to the caster. The bow grants a +2 to hit and damage rolls. Simply drawing your fingers in the air near the bow causes it to be strung by a glimmering purple arrow. The arrow is composed of magical arcane energy similar to that of a Magic Missile spell. The arrows inflict 2d6 points of Force damage. When the bow is drawn, the arrow sheds light equal to a standard torch. As the user progresses in strength and ability so does the bow. At Level 4, the bow will create two arrows instead of one and at 8th the bow creates 3 Force arrows. Attack and damage rolls remain at +2 for each arrow, and the attacks can be directed at different opponents if the user wishes. The bow is worth 22.600 gold and radiates an aura of 6th level magic.




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