Kryptgarden Forest is east of Sword Mountains. It’s just west of the Long Road, not far from Phandalin and the Mere of Dead Men. Long, long ago the forest was known as Tsordvudd, It was the western border of the ancient Dwarven ream of BesilmerIt has long been a place feared by travelers. Now, the Cult of the Dragon has used that fear to its advantage, securing a stronghold deep in the forest.

Map from Dungeon #52
Map from Dungeon #52 which is available right here: Dungeon 52

What is known is that the Cult of the Dragon have been seen using the Old Dwarven Path through the forest. All three waypoint along the path cabins are heavily guarded, and the Krypthome cabins, complex, and mine are all under the control of the Cult and its allies.

Many believe that The Cult of the Dragon has made a bargain with dragons in this area and the rumor is that they may have managed to align themselves with the mighty dragon known as Claugiyliamatar, and some of her offspring who dwell in Kryptgarden Forest within the Deeping Cave.

From Deeping Cave, Claugiyliamatar holds sway over a dominion that stretches from the southern bank of the River Mirar down the Sword Coast to the north bank of the Dessarin, and along the western fringes of the High Forest to about Dead Horse Ford, where it swings north and west in a wide arc over the Evermoors to take in Nesmó, Longsaddle, and Grunwald, to reach the Mirar south of Mirabar. The ancient dragon and her brood would be a powerful ally indeed for the Cult.

But regardless of what the Cult of the Dragon’s true purose is within Kryptgarden Forest, the fact remains that it is suffering from a blight or a corruption. The forest was always a dreadful place. But in the last few months it is becoming warped and twisted, surrounded by a thick sickly green fog. Shadowy forms, vaguely seen in the now permanent twilight of the day, move through the dense rows of suffering trees.

The soul of every tree appears to be trapped in torment, imprisoned within its trunk. The twisted branches of each tree are the limbs of its spirit, contorted in agony. The grasping roots claw the ground in hopeless attempts to flee. The sap of the living tree flows from huge gashes in the trunk. The rustling of its leaves is a cry of pain and terror.

Whatever is Evil is within Kryptgarden Forest is growing slowly, spreading its blight. Whatever is happening there does not bode well for Faerún and the Realms. Knowing this many factions have taken action. The Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords’ Alliance, and the Zhentarim are recruiting groups of adventurers to infiltrate the forest to find out the cult’s purpose.

Time will tell what this coalition can do against such reckless Evil.

Sword Coast



  1. Wow, that vampire was really serious in getting its revenge against Brune. Let’s see, perhaps it is a bit of ravenloft that landed in the Forgotten realms, or Loth is restricting access of the divine to the kryptgarden woods.



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