This magical Warhammer once belonged to the courageous Dwarf named Gloin. He made his fortune by raiding Undermountain and returning time and again with fabulous treasures. Gloin’s last known expedition was to the Third Level of Undermountain. He never returned. It is rumored that the Hammer still lies somewhere within the Halls of Undermountain, waiting for a new champion to wield it.

It is a Warhammer +2  which can only be wielded by Lawful Good and Neutral Good characters. In order to pick up the weapon, the character must succeed at a DC 15 Charisma Saving Throw. Success means the character can pick it up easily, but failure means that no matter how much they struggle, the Hammer seems too heavy to lift. A character can try more than once to pick up the Hammer, but each new attempt is rolled with an additional -2. So that means try #2 is at -2, third try is at -4, and so o until finally it is impossible to ever wield the Hammer.

This artifact requires the user to attune to it in order to fully assess it’s true powers. Time spent during rests to attune to the Hammer should be spent practicing with it, including hurling it at targets. After spends the time and effort to attune, the Hammer’s special powers are manifest:

  • If the wielder says the command word “Fulgent” then the Hammer shines with a dazzlingly bright light for a 40′ diameter
  • When used against Dragons, Worms, or Snakes of any kind, it functions as a Warhammer +4
  • When used against a Dragon, t deals Critical Hits on natural rolls of 18-20 instead of just 20.
  • The wielder gains a +2 bonus against fear checks caused by Dragons
  • The wielder may cast the following Cleric spells once per day: Spare the Dying, Cure Wounds, and Healing Word.
  • If the Hammer is used as a ranged weapon, it will return to the wielder’s hand unerringly.

If the wielder of the Hammer has a change in alignment for any reason, the Hammer will know it as it holds a sentience of its own. It will first become unattunded the the wield, causing him or her to lose all the additional properties earn from attunement. If this is not enough to change the wielder’s behavior, the Hammer will simply reject the wielder. The Hammer will become so heavy that the user cannot lift it from the ground. Nothing will change the Hammer’s rejection unless the character goes on some kind of quest to display atonement.





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