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The heavens, that their beauty not be lessened,
have cast them out, nor will deep Hell receive them —
even the wicked cannot glory in them.”
Dante Alighieri, Inferno

Tiamat Symbol
              Tiamat Symbol

The Nine Hells, also called Baator, is a mysterious and vile place not usually visited by mortal men. Much of the lore of the Nine Hells is based on either the mad scribblings of planeswalkers who have returned from its pits. Additionally, much of the Infernal lore about The Nine Hells has been gathered from devils, demons, and other frightful creatures native to Baator. Therefore, few know what legends are true and which are just the the stuff of fairy-tales.


Some sages within the Cult of the Dragon believe that Avernus is nominally ruled by Tiamat, the Nemesis of the Gods. The mother of all evil dragonkind holds Avernus through the support of Asmodeus. Most of the inhabitants of the plane avoid her, not wishing to serve as her meals. The Dark Queen spends most of her time within the gigantic cavern known as Azharul, the Dragonspawn Pits.

These sages claim that Asmodeus has set up other authorities on the First Layer as a means to an end. Essentially, the Dark Queen has agreed to allow others to handle the day to day routines of being in charge of Avernus because she has no true interest in the politics of the Blood War or the squabbles between Demons and Devils, Devils and Devils, and Devils and Mankind.


This cavern is called the Dragonspawn Pits due to the fact that Tiamat spends most of her time breeding. She is attended by five chosen dragons, one of each Chromatic color. She is constantly guarded by these consorts, and when not plotting, feeding, enjoying cruel sport or facing danger, Tiamat will be found mating with one of them within a protective ring formed by the other four. She bears litters of 1-4 dragon mewlings” after an average gestation period of 6 days.

                TIAMAT SYMBOL

The scant remainder of her time is spent roaming Avernus; very rarely, she journeys to the palace of Asmodeus. Those of Tiamat’s offspring that are born and remain on Avernus occupy themselves with hunting down and bringing back food for Tiamat and her consorts while the Chromatic Dragon is in her lair. These offspring/underlings are of all sizes, types, and ages of evil dragonkind, and all are aggressive, cruel, and in good health. Injured, weak, or disobedient specimens are soon eaten by Tiamat, or by others at her direction; she also dines on slain dragons, including slain consorts who have displeased her, and all newborn spawn who are multi-headed or otherwise chromatic in nature. The few of her spawn that survive to achieve “huge adult” status serve as replacements for her consorts.

It is agreed that during the Time of Trouble, Tiamat was murdered. However, it is believed that when her avatar died, she was simply returned to Avernus where she has been trapped ever since. Although she cannot enter the Prime Plane without assistance from some force on Faeûn, she is able to travel from layer to layer with Asmodeus’s standing permission.

It is only a matter of time before Tiamat will be able to find a way to return to Faerûn. And with the help of the Cult of the Dragon, this time draws near. Soon, Tiamart will rise!




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