Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

Keri Russel


The city of Neverwinter is under siege by Severin and his Cult of the Dragon. They have led a confederation of Evil to the city, seeking to cripple the city and its security forces. The skies are full of chromatic dragons of all colors, raining down death. And from each side of the city, a different force assails the walls.

From the East, an army of undead led by a vampire and its dracolich have breached the walls. To the North, an army of barbarians, giants, and orcs swarm the walls hoping to take the city for themselves. In the South, an unholy alliance of wild elves and lizardmen being led by a Half-Dragon cut a swath through the city, leaving carnage in their wake. And to the West, where very little fighting is happening at the moment, there are rumors of a dark fleet approaching the Cove.

And still there is no word of Lord Neverember and his Council. Some say they have fled the city and left it to be destroyed once and for all. Others say that he was seen being carried away by a huge red dragon calling itself Ashardalon. Others assume that he he simply cowering in the darkness, unwilling to fight.

In the middle of this chaos comes our heroes. Among them are two Cloaks, ranking members of the Lord’s Alliance. Several tendays ago, Icewind Dale was attacked by dragons! When word reached Lord Neverember, he dispatched agents throughout his domain to find out more about what the Cult of the Dragon was plotting this time. Of these agents, two were Abernacky and Fo. They travelled South along with a few local mercenaries and adventurers to travel from Neverwinter to Greenest, the entire length of Neverember’s domain.

They were ambushed along the High Road. As Evil approached from the West, they made an unexpected discovery within the Karst Caves. They met a bandit called The Black Spider working for the Cult of the Dragon. Using espionage and deception, they discovered that stolen waters are sweet. Using the cult’s own resources against them, they teleported to the Halls of Justice to report their findings to the Alliance. However, they discovered that the city was under attack, and decided in a moment of panic to escape from Neverwinter.


Vrae’ree glanced at the city of Neverwinter from his vantage outside of the walls. He knew that he held no alligence to that city, its people, or its leaders. However, he thought in that moment of his kindly human mentor in Greenest. He had heard the rumors that the frontier village was razed. Those who were not murdered were taken as slaves. He imagined that the elderly wizard was laying out in the field near his now shattered tower. The thought somehow inspired him.


He glanced around at his comrades. Abernacky and Fo were strangely quiet on the issue. Perhaps their morale was broken, or they simply had given up hope. Maybe they had been filled with despair watching the Elves murdering citizens of Neverwinter with such open contempt. Even he had resorted to killing the ruffian in the street when he might have simply knocked the human senseless…

“We go back,” said the Dark Elf suddenly. “We fight our way to the Alliance safehouse, and we rescue whatever city officials have taken refuge there.” Although a few of his companions (mostly the humans) smiled at this resolution, he noticed that his Elven comrades seemed wary of this decision. The Dark Elf added, “We started this as a team because we were hired to do a job. Circumstances and Fate have disrupted that job, so there is no reason why you must remain to do this with me!” With that, he turned and rushed back for the grate in the wall.

Abernacky nodded to the others. “I always finish the job.” He winked at them with a smile. Come, my friends, we have the stuff of heroes to do!”



2 thoughts on “THE RESOLUTION

  1. That Dark Elf has some courage first impersonating the cult of the dragon, then getting to safety only to go back into certian death. I hope I can make it to play this week.



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