Symbol of the Lord's Alliance of Neverwinter
Symbol of the Lord’s Alliance

This organization is not a metaphor but is actually made up of leaders and nobles from across all of Faerûn. Although many of its members have conflicting goals and long-standing rivalries outside of the Alliance, they band together in the face of events that threaten the Forgotten Realms.



She is one of the Seven Sisters and known as The Lady Mage of Waterdeep. Together with her partner Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun they lead the Moonstars, a dissident faction of the Harpers, which sought to arrange the destiny of the cities and nation of the North. She has been very active in the city’s defense against maurading Drow who have been using the Halls of Undermountain as entrance points into Waterdeep.


He is a man who holds many titles and wears many crowns. Some say too many. He is the Open Lord of Waterdeep, ruling the city with it’s Masked Lords at his back. He is also the Lord Protector of Neverwinter. He also acts as the chairman for the Lord’s Alliance. The responsibilities weight heavily upon him for he views each success and failure personally. He is strong and decisive – making decisions that benefit his people, build wealth, and sustain his own power in the region.


Son of Banak Brawnanvil, and a former king of Minthril Hall, Connerad speaks for the Dwarves of the North, including Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr. He is stubborn as a mule, and does not want to commit any forces outside of the Dwarven homeland.


Ulder hails from Baldur’s Gate. Although the city has been seized by Bhaal, it still remains a wealthy, prosperous city. Ulder is a stern warrior who leads what remains of the Flaming Fist – the overthrown military of Baldur’s Gate. He has a bloodthirsty reputation, and lacks sophistication.


He represents the Elves of both the Misty and High Forest. He is contemplative, seeking information and caution above all else. He gained a seat on the Council because Dagault Neverember believed that the Elves should be represented. He is not well liked by many of the other members for that reason.


The former High Mage of Silverymoon, Taern is human wizard who has managed to live an extraordinarily long life. Taern believes that only through coöperation can the Cult of the Dragon and its allies be defeated. However, Silverymoon has been under attack by an unholy alliance of Drow and Orcs and their forces are weakened. He is hesitatnt to commit any numbers to the Alliance.


Isteval is a Purple Knight of Cormy and a veteran dragonslayer. Though he is no longer able to fight as he did in his youth, Isteval seeks to bring together a new, great company of brave souls to carry on his legacy, to preserve his vision for future generations. Across Faerûn, his former associates share their fond memories of Isteval and his dream. His wounded leg means that Isteval’s greatest quests now lie behind him, but he has never lost his vision of a better world coming with a new dawn. In these days of trials and chaos, Isteval sees the birth-pangs of a new age, and believes against all evidence and reason that it will bring unprecedented peace and prosperity. Though many trials yet lie ahead, he is convinced that at the end of his journey is a far fairer place.



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