Ilbratha, the “Mistress of Battles”, was an enchanted bloodstone-bedecked bronze short sword with a long and storied history. It had the distinction of being part of the royal regalia of two kingdoms, to be carried by their heirs: the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr on land and the merfolk kingdom of Eadraal in the Inner Sea. However, the sword was lost to both realms, its whereabouts unknown but always sought after by both factions.


Ilbratha was a bronze short sword and despite many battles, it retained a sharp edge. It had a slightly leaf-shaped blade, a short but ornate cross-guard, and a green hilt. Most distinctively, the blade was inlaid with six matching bloodstones on the left face. Individually, these bloodstones were worth 70 gold pieces each, and as a set, apart from the sword, they might return 500–600 gold pieces to the right buyer.

It was originally a +2 short sword. However, it had a variety of other magical abilities that made it very effective in combat, earning it its nickname, “Mistress of Battles”.   The abilities, once used, recharge after a 24 hour period of being sheathed. Any sheath or wrapping will work. If the sword remains unsheathed, then it will not recharge its abilities.

  1. When held by a Fighter with flesh pressed to hilt, the sword could communicate its powers to the wielder through some kind of innate bond. The sword is not itself sentient. Consider the communication to be sort of a “built-in” user’s manual provided by its magical nature.
  2. The user gets a +10 enhancement bonus on Jump checks as Illbratha literally flies through the air and carries the user with it. This ability allows the wielder to fly over short distances. This ability can be used 3 times a day.
  3. The sword can mimic the Mirror Image spell once a day, during battle.
  4. The sword can allow its user to Blink once a day, during battle.
  5. When coming into contact with magic, either in an area of effect or an enchanted item, the sword will make a ringing sound like a struck chime. This is only a warning and offers no protection from magic.


Source: Forgotten Realms Wiki


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