Emblem of Neverwinter

The days after the festival seemed to go by quickly. Each of the Eight had their own tasks to complete during their stay in Neverwinter. The people of Neverwinter are unique spirits, focuses on rising the city from the ashes like a Phoenix. The stubborn natives have remained in their city and it remains a center for trade with the cities of the Sword Coast and beyond. After so much reckless destruction, much of the city’s architecture is damaged or lies in ruins. The ongoing repair efforts give the city a patchwork look, and has split the city into quarters: The Lord’s Enclave, The Blacklake District, The River District, and The Chasm.

Each of the playing characters is paid 200 gold for their original service that led them to the Karst Caves. They are given new sets of clothing of high quality and issued pins that denote their ranking as a member of the Lord’s Alliance. (For those who accepted the offer.) Fo and Abernacky are now ranked “Redknife”(and gain +3 reknown points) and everyone else who joined the Alliance is ranked “Cloak.” This is noted on the character sheet under Features and Traits.


Also, remember that several of the characters found magical items during the session: Stolen Waters. Additionally, the group looted the following in Neverwinter: An Amulet of Health +2 (Raises CON by 2 while worn) – An Elixir of Invisibility (4 uses) – Gloves of Agility (+2 Dex while worn, now used by Fo) – and 3 Shiver Strike Crossbox Bolts (Explodes with frost upon hitting a target inflicting an automatic critical hit. Critical deals X3 instead of x2 damage.)  And Vae’ree also has the fist-sized green gem that Adabon found. Also remember that Brûne gained a point of Renown and Vrae’ree earned a +1 to his Investigation skill. It’s up to you guys to put this on your character sheets.
Additionally, each of the characters gains a Feature/Trait called “Neverwinter Folk Hero.” They also each have a golden medallion with the emblem of Neverwtiner on it. These are Keys to Teleportation Circles that led to and from Neverwinter. Without a Key, the Circle will not function. The Key doesn’t need to be worn, only kept somewhere on the owner’s person. Few people understand the true nature of these medallions.


Tom has decided to stay in Neverwinter. He is an entertainer at heart, and has achieved enough fame to satisfy him. He has accepted an offer from Liset Cheldar to become an entertainer at the Moonstone Mask. He will be appearing nightly to perform for the city’s wealthiest patrons, and esteemed visitors. Tom will also remain a useful contact for the heroes. When Tom is not at the Moonstone Mask, he is lending his magic to helping on the Wall. He is more than happy to take money from General Sabine for protecting the city.


Adabon spent time with the soldiers of the Guard, participating in rigorous training to continue to hone his fighting skills. He also spent much of his time volunteering on the Chasm Wall with the City Guard. The southeastern quarter of Neverwinter is a dead zone, nearly a complete ruin. The earthquake that flattened this quarter of the city also opened a huge cayonlike crack in the earth which extends to the far Underdark. The Chasm extends to a subterranean lake called The Sunless Sea. Although several efforts have been made to seal the Chasm, the result is always the same: the barrier is ripped apart by twisted and deadly Plaugechanged monsters that spawn from its depths. Adabon spent many days walking the Wall, a barrier that separates the Chasm quarter from the Lord’s Enclave.

Adabon’s player can spend his downtime points to raise one of his skills by +1. He can also gain a proficiency with a new specific weapon type (not category.) Additionally, he gains a Feature/Trait of “Watcher on the Wall” for his service on the Wall. As a gift, Neverember gives him a quiver and longbow, both magical.


Everfull Quiver: This finely crafted soft leather quiver has the power to turn a single nonmagical arrow into many overnight. The quiver will always replenish itself at sunrise to contain 25 arrows. These arrows are always normal, and the quiver cannot provide magical arrows to its user.

Cēne, Sylvan Longbow: This longbow was crafted long ago by the Fey Mastersmith known as Cēne. It has remained in the armory of Castle Never for the last 100 years. The longbow provides a +3 to hit and to damage. If its wielder drops (reduced to Zero Hit Points) an opponent with a shot, the bow immediately grants an Extra Attack. This ability continues to work until the time that a shot does not drop an opponent, then the ability ends for this turn.

Fo spent much of his time researching and studying poisons. Finding a proper mentor was not easy. Luckily, the monk was able to make contact with Darla, the leader of a small band of orphans working as spies, cutpurses, and assassins for Liset Cheldar, the owner of the Moonstone Mask. Since Fo had very limited time to learn the skill of using poisons, she focused on only one of the four types: Injury. This type of poison is usually coats on a piercing or slashing weapon like Fo’s darts and exposes its victim to effect through injury. Darla taught him how to properly select venomous serpents, safely collect their venom, and effectively prepare it as poison. She also instructed him on how to brew the proper antidote.

Darla gave Fo a Poisoner’s Kit (PHB page 154) He has four vials of Basic Poison (PHB page 153) and two vials of Serpent Venom (DMG 257) within his kit. Fo may use his downtime points to either gain proficency with the Poisoner’s Kit or to raise Medicine skill by +1. However, he CANNOT do both. Please choose one or the other.  Also, Lord Neverember gifted the following items to Fo based on the monk’s request to him.

Conyberry Staff: This fighting staff was made by a craftsman named Lazzaretti from the village of Conyberry. The staff is crafted of the native timber from Neverwinter Wood and is always slightly warm to the touch. The staff is inlaid with small silver runes spelling out “Conyberry” in Dwarven. It must be wielded in two hands for the magic to function properly. When used as a two-handed weapon, it provides +2 to hit and +2 damage and deals 2d6 damage. The staff also has the following abilities which recharge every day at sunrise, These abilities can only be used once a day: LESSER RESTORATION: (Cleric, 2nd), MASS CURE WOUNDS (Cleric, 5th) HEAL (Cleric, 6th) and REVIVIFY (Cleric, 3rd)

 Vrae’ree spent most of his time within the House of Knowledge, researching the legal system and rights of Lord Neverember for the upcoming trial in Waterdeep. He also passively investigated the Mayor and all other suspects who may be involved in trying to remove Neverember from power. He poured over volumes of  accessible official documents that may be filed in the library and other city buildings to see if he can form a defense of conspiracy against Neverember.

Vrae’ree is now on good terms with Loremaster Atlavast because of the time he spent at the House of Knowledge. The Loremaster gave the Dark Elf a small trinket the size of a U.S. Half-Dollar. It is a holy symbol of Oghma. He smiled and simply said, “Oghma accepts all seekers of knowledge into his presence.” Also, downtime points can be spent to raise one skill +1. Also, Vrae’ree wanted to get scrolls. He is able to get 20 spell slots worth of arcane scrolls. Meaning that Vrae’ree’s player can choose how to split the slots up as he chooses to create twenty 1st level scrolls, four 5th level scrolls, or even two 9th level scrolls and a 2nd level scroll. This takes about 40 hours of work achieved by help of the sages in the House of Knowledge. The cost of 1000 gold coins to craft the scrolls is waived as a gift.

Oghma Holy Symbol: This small silver trinket is blessed by Oghma. It allows the owner to use a variety of powers each day. At midnight each night, the powers recharge themselves, providing a random number of uses based on a roll of 1d6. The powers available to the owner costs one charge for each use of a power. The powers are as follows: LEGEND LORE (Cleric, 5th) COMMUNE (Cleric, 5th) TONGUES (Cleric, 3rd) and SENDING (Cleric, 3rd)

Tharivol honed his developing abilities as an Eldritch Knight. He also engaged in strength training with some of the City Guard. Also, he was introduced to King Melandrach in a private meeting. The elder Wild Elf appears quiet and arrogant at first, but turns out to be wise and kind. Melandrach is the King of the Misty Forest and is himself an Eldritch Knight. He spends about eight hours with Tharivol, teaching him ways to tap into the powers of Eldritch magic. He also offers Tharivol an invitation to the Misty Forest to training with his son, Neronvain and the other Elven Eldritch Knights. It is an open invitation. The Elf king departs the same day, saying he will see Tharivol in Waterdeep.

Tharivol can spend his downtime points increase one of his skills +1. He is given a set of Elven Chain mail. This is lighter than a standard chain shirt and made of very fine Mithral links. Elven chain negates the Disadvantage for Strealth rolls. It still functions as normal chain mail otherwise (PHB pg 145) giving no Dex bonus for an AC of 16. He is also given a short sword by King Melandrach.


ILIYANBRUEN BLADE: This Fey blade is made of cold-forged iron. It is an Eldritch weapon and will Weapon Bond (PHB page 75) automatically without need for ritual or rest. The weapon provides a +3 to hit and +3 to damage, inflicting 2d6 damage. The sword bestows the following abilities to it’s wielder: Fey Step (2/day as a Reaction, +2 to AC against mêlée attacks) Blink (4/day as per the spell PHB page 219) Holy Avenger (1/day the wielder can cause the blade to shimmer with an eerie blue light, summoning Feywild Magic. The next attack with the blade will add +2 to hit and +2 to damage for a total of +5/+5. On that strike it inflicts 2d8 damage instead of 2d6) Uncanny Dodge (2/day as per the 5th level Rogue ability PHB page 96.)

Brûne was busy during his time in Neverwinter. He completed several investigatons regarding Ambershard the Dwarf, the lsot Crown of Neverwinter, and the Draakhorn. He accomplished much of this by talking with Loremaster Atlavast, hanging out in the Docks, and carousing within the Tarmalune Trade House. He also took the time to visit Helm’s Hold to look in on the welfare of Prophet Rohini. Afterwards, he spent some time at the Moonstone Mask rubbing elbows with members of the City Council secretly looking for a possible replacement for the Mayor. All in all, Brûne was a fan favorite and social butterfly around the Lord’s Enclave Quarter, bringing excitement and hope to the citizens of Neverwinter.

Brûne gains a Feature/Trait called “Neverwinter Diplomat” because he was such a social butterfly around town. Also, downtime points can be spent to raise one skill +1. He is given a set of Plate Armor (PHB page 145) which is crafted of a strange iridescent material that causes it to change color in light. It is decorated with ornamental work of fine gold and silver wire formed into delicate filegree. He is also given the other items he asked for including: a well tuned flute, three wolf traps, eight vials of Holy Water, and an Herbalist Kit (PHB page 154.) He is also given a special magical item by Lord Neverember.


 Frostkiss, Shield of the Deep Wilds: This diamond shaped shield grants a +2 bonus to its wielder’s AC as long as it is actively used and ceases to give the bonus if it is worn passively on the owner’s back. The shield provided its wielder with the effects of the 3rd level spell (PHB page 270) Protection from Energy. This is granted as a Reactions, and the user must choose between the type: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. Additionally, it has a bult in quiver on the interior of the shield. This appears to be a typical quiver. It has three distinct compartments, each with a nondimensional space allowing it to store far more than would normally be possible. The first and smallest one can contain up to 20 objects of the same general size and shape as an arrow. The second slightly longer compartment holds up to 10 objects of the same general size and shape as a javelin. The third and longest portion of the case contains as many as 5 objects of the same general size and shape as a bow (spears, staffs, or the like). Once the owner has filled it, the quiver can produce any item she wishes, as if from a regular quiver or scabbard. The efficient quiver weighs the same no matter what’s placed inside it.

Deiter took full advantage of his free boarding at the Moonstone Mask. He became well acquainted with the bawdy prostitutes. He ate well every night, and drank more than his share of wine. In doing so, he managed to become good friends with the Inn’s cook, an Elf named Theron. When his lusts were fulfilled, he focused on training with the City Guard. He practiced mounted combat for several days under the mentorship of Xenophon, a taskmaster with the Guard.

Deiter’s  downtime points can be spent to raise one skill +1 and gains the feat Mounted Combatant. (PHB page 168) His warhorse iswell cared for throughout his stay at the Guard Barracks. It is given quality barding including a war saddle, criniere,  croupiere, peytral, and champron. Additionally, Deiter is gifted a finely crafted set of chain mail armor, a magical shield, and a magical lance.


Kozah and Bhaelros: These knightly tools were crafted by a Gnome worshipper of Talos. Both are made of Adamantine. Kozah, the shield, grants a +2 AC bonus when used actively and grants Damage Reduction [2] to its wielder. The lance, Bhaelros, is a heavy lance that grants +2 to hit and +2 damage. It is meant to  unhorse an enemy or smash through the armor of opposing lines. It inflicts 1d12 damage, and deals double damage when used from the back of a charging mount. It is a a unique weapon, as most Gnome  designs are, which features a expandable 2 inch diameter  shaft that can be triggered by a trigger within the hilt. The purpse of this is to make it easier to carry when not in use. When retracted, the lance is 5 feet long but when it is expanded it extended to 12 feet. The lance has built-in abilities that can each be used 1 time per day. The powers recharge themselves each day at sunset. Phantom Steed (PHB 265) Tenser’s Floating Disk (PHB 282) Thunderous Smite (PHB 282) Hunter’s Mark (PHB 251) and Lightning Bolt (PHB 255.) If the shield and lance are ever separated from each other th will loose all magical properties. Within 24 hours of being separated, they dull and become fragile. After 48 hours of separation, they crumble into dust.

Abernacky returned to his life within the city. This was his home. He fell back into his usual routine, spending time with his family and pulling duty as a member of the City Guard. Although Abernacky had always been well liked by his fellow citizens of the city, now he was a hero in his own hometown.

Downtime points can be spent to raise one skill +1.



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