“Go to the Bowels of the Earth on the night of the full moon. The Dark Sun will rise. Hinder the Three Crowns.” – Masked Lord of Waterdeep


  • Alric, 7th Level Human Paladin
  • Adabon, 7th Level Wood Elf Fighter
  • Vrae’ree Everhurden, 8th Level Drow Elf Wizard
  • Fo, 7th Level Human Monk
  • Brûne, 8th Level Human Paladin


  • Deiter, 6th Level Human Fighter (Noble)
  • Tharivol, 7th Level Moon Elf Fighter
  • Abernacky, 6th Level Human Fighter
  • Tom, 5th Level Halfling Wizard


Three weeks had passed since Lord Neverwinter’s trial. During this time, our heroes have been meeting off and on with the Council of Seven. The Council of Seven are the delegates of the Lord’s Alliance. This Council of Seven is a faction council and a smaller part of the larger Council of Waterdeep summit. The Council of Seven are still split on their decision on how to best deal with the Dragon Cult. Dagult Neverember, leader of the Alliance and chairman of the Waterdeep Summit, fears that this lack of consensus will weaken the coming Waterdeep Summit.


The positions are as follows: LAERAL SILVERHAND: [Waterdeep] “We cannot stop what he do not understand!” She wants to help the Harpers with spying networks and infiltration missions. She wants to get spies into important locations and get more information before going to war with the Cult.


DAGULT NEVEREMBER: [Neverwinter] “The people need strong leaders to protect them – and to do what must be done even when it is distasteful,” He wants to begin by using current information from spy networks to carry out precision assassination strikes against the Cult. His plan is to use still functioning teleportation circles to strike out against the Cult when the time is right.

Lord Neverember
Lord Neverember

CONNERAD BRAWNANVIL: [Mithril Hall] “We are already doing what we can to defend our homeland..” He is stubborn as a mule and refuses to commit any forces from the Dwarven Nations at this time. He claims that his people are doing their best to defend their lands which border Neverwinter and the Northlands of the Sword Coast.


ULDER RAVENGARD: [Baulder’s Gate] “I am entrusted to protect the lives of my people.” As the military leader of Baulder’s Gate, he could muster more soldiers than any other Alliance delegate. However, with recent events in Baldur’s Gate placing the resurrected god Bhaal into rulership of the city, Baulder’s Gate is barely hanging on as a member of the Alliance. Ulder is not convinced that he should commit any forces into the fray of the battle against the Cult.


KING MELANDRACH: [Elves of the Misty Forest] “I will not squander our remaining strength.” As the foremost leader of the Elven Eldritch Knights of the Misty Forest Nations, he would be able to provide a sizable force of Elves to strike against the Dragon Cult. However, the king is unsure that committing forces to battle the Cult is a wise decision. He calls for caution and agrees with LAERAL that more information should be gathered before making any rash decisions to strike against the Cult. He continues to be concerned that his son, Neronvain, has not returned from a mission into the Kryptgarden Forest. He fears that his son may have been captured or killed.

King of the Misty Forest
King of the Misty Forest

TAERN HORNBLADE: [Silverymoon] “We must work together to defeat the Cult. None of us will emerge unscathed.” He agrees somewhat with Neverember that assassination attacks should be used against the leaders of the Dragon Cult. He believes that calculated risks are necessary to defend the Sword Coast. As High Mage of Silverymoon, he wants to make sure that any aid he gives does not weaken the already weakened city of Silverymoon.


SIR ISTEVAL: [Cormyr, Daggerford] “We must either stand together or fall alone.” He is ready for full out war. He is willing to commit the full force of the Purple Knights, Dragon Paladins, and War Wizards to the cause to wipe out the Dragon Cult. He believes that might will make right. His loud speeches during council meeting have been causing an uproar with the other delegates.


The Council of Seven has not been able to come to a unanimous agreement on what to do. This may lead to greater problems during the Faction meeting at the Waterdeep Summit. The first meeting of the Waterdeep Summit is tomorrow morning. For now, our heroes are left to their own devices. They have 12 hours, and tonight is the night of the full moon. Anything could happen.

Waterdeep Houses
Waterdeep Hous

Fo has had disturbing nightmares that his brother, Fu, is hunting him. Even when Fo has been moving throughout the city, he swears that he’s seen his brother lurking within the shadows, in groups of people, and just behind him off the the left or right. Is it paranoia? Or has Fu made his way from Greenest to Waterdeep … and for what purpose? Brune has been researching the location of the Crown of Neverwinter. He believes he’s narrowed it down to a small thieves’ guild warehouse within the abandoned Skullport. Every short excursion into the area has set off “alarms” of demonic activity in the area. Waterdeep has been a wonderful place for Vrae’ree to stock up on spell materials and reference books. But a week ago, when everyone was called to a secret meeting of the Lords of Waterdeep. The meeting took place in a secret room in the Yawning Portal Inn. During that meeting Neverember was informed that he would be replaced by a member of Waterdeep’s nobility. No exact names were given. While Vrae’ree watched, one of the Lords of Waterdeep started to sign to you in Drow Sign Language. The message was this: “Go to the Bowels of the Earth on the night of the full moon. The Dark Sun will rise. Hinder the Three Crowns.”

It didn’t take long for our heroes to figure out that “The Bowels of the Earth” was a tavern in Waterdeep’s Trade Ward. The rough, rowdy tavern stands on the southeast corner of Snail Street and Simples Street, just West of the Virgin’s Square. The Bowels is an old stone building that leans noticeably to the North into Simples Street. It is a cheap dive popular with mercenaries and adventurers, mainly due to the fact that the place is best known for being DARK. Hooded candlelamps at each table provide the only illumination. This darkness is magical, layers upon layers weaved together to outwit the grandest of spellcasters. Moreover, the tavern is rumors to be owned by Mirt the Moneylender, a man rumored to be one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep. Also, the Shadow Thieves make their home at the Bowels of the Earth, so needless to say the city guard doesn’t linger within it’s shadow for long. What our heroes would find at the tavern would surprise them, and the turn of events would ave them sitting back on their heels. But we will discuss that next time, in BOWELS OF THE EARTH, PART II.




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