Varae’ree discovered Ghaunadaur’s Thorn and Ruat


rapierThis rapier was made in the fiery forges of the Drow city called Q’Xorlarrin.  It is a slender, sharply pointed sword, best suited for thrusting attacks but can be using for slashing equally well. The blade glows very fainlty in darkness casting a purple hue.  If the blade is used by anyone other than a spellcaster, it functions as a completely normal sword. However in the hands of a spellcaster, the blade offers the following abilities:

  • It is a +2 to hit and +2 damage sword inflicting 1d10 (+2) on a successful hit.
  • CLEAVE: 1d4/day: You can strike two adjacent foes with a single swing. Roll once against both opponents.
  • GREENFIRE: 1/day: A thin, green ray springs from the tip of the sword. You must make a successful spell attack to hit. Any living creature struck by the ray takes 1d6 points of damage per caster level. Any living creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this spell is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust.
  • SPELL STORAGE:  The sword can store spells for use by the wielder. Whenever the sword successfully damages as enenmy with it’s blade, it grants the user a Free Action to cast one of the spells stored. The sword can hold a number of spell slots equal to the level of the spellcaster using it. Meaning, an 8th level spellcaster can store 8 spell slots in the sword. So the sword could one 1 8th level spell, 2 4th level spells, 4 2nd level spells, or 8 1st level spells.
  • CONTINGENCY: If the wielder of this blade is reduced to Zero Hit Points while the sword is in his grasp, the sword will teleport itself and the user up to 50 feet away into a safe location.

This scepter-like device is made of what appears to be rusting lead. It weighs 4 pounds, and is exactly 4 inches long. Saying the command word “RAUT” will cast the 5th level Cleric spell MASS CURE WOUNDS as a Free Action as if it were cast by a 5th level Cleric. This ability can be used 5 times a day.


  1. Holding the rapier lightly in his hand, Vrae’ree marvels at the balance and grace of the weapon. “I have relied on my magics alone for far too long. Today I remember that to be Drow means that you are always a warrior first.” Calling upon old, almost forgotten memories, Vrae’ree takes an attack stance and begins practicing drills in the sargh’elgg style the way he was taught as a youngster.

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