Adabon found the Greenleaf quiver and the Ring of the Archer



This quiver is Hand crafted from fine Orlimmin leather, hand dyed with thonged edging. Finished with antiqued brass buckles and fittings. This piece includes a bow sheath, a quiver, a sword scabbard and buckled straps for the option of attaching a bedroll or additional scabbard. It is worn on the hip to free up space on the back. The pocket that holds arrows is magical, producing an infinite number of arrows. When the user places his hand near the arrow pocket, an arrow appears for use. The quiver can manifest up to five arrows at a time for use by the wearer. Each arrow has a magical property of its own determined by a roll of 1d6:

  1. Cold Iron: This arrow does double damage against demons and devils.
  2. Smiting: +1d8 damage against target
  3. Splinter:  This one arrow splits into two. Make two attack rolls against two enemies.
  4. Speed:  This arrow allows you to shoot two arrows instead of just one.
  5. Explosive: +3d6 damage as arrow explodes on target.
  6. Slaying:  Arrow also inflicts 1d4 Hit Dice damage to the target.
Archer's Ring
Archer’s Ring

The Ring of the Archer was made by Elven smiths during the first Sundering thousands of years ago. It was lost during the cataclysm and only recently recovered by the Cult of the Dragon. The ring grants special abilities to any Elf who wears it. The has only a certain number of charges that may be used per day although it does recharge every day at sunrise with 1d8 charges. If the last charge is used, the ring may be destroyed. Roll 1d20, and on a roll of “1” the ring crumbles to dust. The abilities which can be used are as follows:

  • Power Attack: [1 charge] Before rolling to attack, subtract any number of +’s to hit and instead add them to damage roll.
  • Point Blank: [1 charge] Make ranged attacks in mêlée range without provoking attacks of opportunity.
  • Cleave: [1 charge] If you drop your target this round, make another attack.
  • Rapid Shot: [2 charges] You can get 1d4 extra attacks this round with a ranged weapon but each additional attack takes a stacking -2 penalty with a -8 at the fourth attack.
  • Many Shot: [2 charges] You get 1d4 extra attacks. As a standard action, you may fire two arrows at a single opponent within 30 feet as a single attack. Each additional attack takes a stacking -2 penalty with a -8 at the fourth attack.


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