rotlogocapture ACT ONE


  • Thaed, 13th Level Human Cleric [Myrkul]
  • Tharivol, 11th Level Moon Elf Fighter
  • Adabon, 13th Level Copper Elf Fighter
  • Vrae’ree, 13th Level Drow Wizard
  • Fo, 13th Level Human Monk
  • Brûne, 13th Level Human Paladin


  • Alric, 11th Level Human Paladin
  • Deiter, 6th Level Human Fighter (Neverwinter Noble)
  • Ki’rok, 11th Level Drow Ranger
  • Abernacky, 6th Level Human Fighter
  • Tom, 5th Level Halfling Wizard



Each character was severely wounded and had only 1 H. This is because they were reduced to Zero Hit Points when they crashed the Castle, and then stabilized with 1 HP.

Our heroes lay bruised, broken, and buried within the ruins of Skyreach Castle. When the magical castle fell, it reverted to a normal iceberg, shattering into thousands of pieces when it hit the ground. One by one, they emerged from the crumbling chunks of ice. As they struggled, they felt warm, divine energy sweep into their bodies, mending some of their wounds.

Skill Challenge:  ESCAPE:  Each character had to score three DC 15 successes to escape from being buried alive in the icy ruins of Skyreach Castle. Innovation was rewarded as needed. For example, Tharivol used a Flaming Sphere to burn his way from the outside in, and this was given automatic successes. 

Skill Challenge: GET OUT ALIVEEach character had to succeed at a DC 15 Survival check. Failure would resulting in taking 1d6 damage from the ice as if shifted, moved, and began to crush them.



 Thaed, a cleric of Myrkul, heard about our heroes having killed Cyric in Waterdeep. News travels fast, after all, when an avatar of a god is killed with a single strike. When he discovered that they were aboard Skyreach Castle, he rode out in pursuit. His horse was killed by a giant scorpion on the rode, and Thaed was forced to continue on foot. However, shortly after he saw the Castle fall from the sky and crash. He ran to the crash site, and found the party struggling to get out of the ruins.

Thaed called on the power of his god, channeling healing energy into the survivors. Afterwards, he pulled Vrae’ree  from the icy rubble. However, Thaed was carrying in the Sword of Kas, an ancient Evil artifact. The Sword sensed that our heroes were weak and dying. It’s lust for blood overcame Thaed, and the Sword took control of him. Before the Sword could kill Vrae’ree, Fo struggled loose and attacked the Cleric, knocking him prone. Taking advantage of Fo’s attack, Brûne called on the powers of The Forest Queen. Roots burst from the ground, entangling Thaed and holding him fast to the ground.

As Brûne stepped on Thaed’s wrist, he raised his sword to hack the Death Cleric’s hand from his body. However, Vrae’ree intervened, shouting that the Cleric was using the Sword of Kas which they had previously recovered from a den of Vecna vampires, and delivered to MAZZANOBLE.


Instead, Brûne smashed the flat of his blade into the Cleric’s face, incapacitating him. That done, the Sword of Kas fell to the ground, presenting itself to the three heroes. The Evil sword hoped that one of the heroes would choose to wield it, overestimating their own ability. Instead, Brûne peace-bound the blade into its sheath (taken from Thaed’s belt) and placed it within his magical shield’s container … but only after Vrae’ree had cast Identify on the artifact.

The Dark Elf’s spell revealed that this was the one and true Sword of Kas. The spell revealed that the Sword taken from the vampire den was a replica of the blade, but no less deadly.


That done, Thaed introduced himself to the group. He explained that the tracked them from Waterdeep. He was given the Sword of Kas in a dream. When he woke up, the Sword was at the foot of his bed. The group welcomed Thaed into their party. He called down healing power for his new companions, interrupted only by the sudden appearance of a gargantuan dragon.

Vrae’ree pointed out a cavern entrance nearby and they rushed as best they could into it. Brûne distracted the dragon, running away and leading it into the nearby canyons. Thanks to the paladin’s diversion, they were able to climb down into the cave and take a Long Rest, recovering from their long mission to bring down the Giant’s Castle.

Several hours later, they emerged from the cave and began searching through the Ruins. They each managed to find some magical gear that would aid them in fighting the Dragon Cult.

During the looting, Vrae’ree discovered the wounded Wearer of Purple named Varram.  The injured dwarf crawled out of the ruins to see the heroes. He stood, obviously injured as badly as they were before Thaed’s healing magic restored them. But the angry Dwarf shouted, shaking his fist.

“This is all your fault! Because of you I have failed the Dark Queen! Because of you Severin will never trust me!”

In his rage, the Dwarf pulled the White Dragon mask from under his cloak, and started running at Tharivol. As he placed the mask on his head, it transformed him into a monstrous white Half-Dragon. He slammed into Tharivol, but the Moon Elf did not budge. Varram, now possessed by the spirit of the White Dragon Arauthator, bite and clawed at Tharivol.

Tharivol pushed Varram away, slashing and hacking with his longsword and dagger. Despite his rage, Varram collapsed under the expert cuts of the Eldritch Knight. As his companions came closer, Tharivol sliced the White Wyrmspeaker’s head off, and picked it up. Now dead, Varram changed back into a Dwarf.²

“We have what he came for,” announced Fo. “We should report to Lord Neverember.”

Varram, White Wyrmspeaker
Varram, White Wyrmspeaker

Just before Vrae’ree cast a spell to take them back to Waterdeep, a small yellow canary¹ flew into view and landed at Fo’s feet. The small bird hopped forward to deliver a message. Fo took a small scroll of paper from the bird’s belly. In clear Common, the bird says,

“Leosin Erlanthar sends his heartiest congratulations! Please use this gift to continue your mission as soon as possible!”

Fo looked at the parchment and saw spidery runes of fire that moved around the paper. Unable to read it even with his ability of Tongues, the monk handed the paper to Vrae’ree who immediately recognized it as a Teleportation scroll written to take them to a specific location within the Serpent Hills.

After some discussion, the part decided that Leosin’s mission could wait. They needed to return the White Dragon Mask to Lord Neverember right away!


Death of a Masked Lord
Death of a Masked Lord

Teleporting back to Waterdeep, our heroes were greeted by Leosin, the monk who was surprised to see them. He asked if they had already completed his mission, and they explained that they had come back to Waterdeep to see Lord Neverember. Leosin seemed a little dismayed by this news, and he explained that Neverember was in Castle Ward at the Ulbrinter estate along with many of the other delegates from the Factions. The monk explained that Arthagast Ulbrinter, a Masked Lord of Waterdeep and husband to Remi Haventree, had been found murdered.

Leosin also explained that he would like Fo and his companions to complete the mission he requested of them. “A team of fighters were dispatched to an ancient complex just recently discovered. At great cost they secured the location and discovered some weapons we believe will be helpful. They wait your arrival to bring the weapons back to Waterdeep.”

The party travelled to Castle Ward, and reported to Neverember. He took the White Dragon Mask, hiding it within his cloak. After as short discussion, he told the party that they should continue with the mission given to them by Leosin until they got further word from him.

The party decided to do some shopping and then retire for the evening before heading out to complete Leosin’s mission. They went their separate ways, but a little later in the day Fo went to visit Leosin again. Leosin was happy to see Fo, asking what the outcome of the mission was and if they had been able to recover the weapons. Fo explained that they hadn’t gone yet and would be going in the morning.

“But Fo, they are waiting for you!” His tone was exasperated. “They could be wounded and dying, waiting for your arrival. Your lack of action may have already jeopardized this mission!”

Fo left Leosin, and gathered the rest of the party. Somewhat disgruntled, they all prepared themselves for whatever may come as the Dark Elf Wizard chanted the words for the Teleport scroll.



They arrived in an excavation site, somewhere within the Serpent Hills. They gazed around the area, and discovered a small hole that featured a rope ladder that stretched down 25 feet to the chamber below.  They also saw that the bodies of several Lizardfolk were laying dead in the site. Thaed called on his god to Raise the corpses, Animating four them into zombies.

Vrae’ree began chanting, casting Feather Fall on his companions.


In the chamber below they discovered a trophy room filled with creatures of all preserved for display. Although the Southern side of the chamber was completely empty, the North wall featured a Giant Squid of jaw-dropping size. And on the Eastern wall were all sorts of creatures, including two Remorhazes, a tri of Behirs, and  five Yetis.

Fo didn’t pay much attention to the trophies. He walked to the West wall, and opened the door. There he saw that the huge room’s floor had been broken apart, leaving a gaping crater on the far side of the chamber. Whatever made the hole clearly came up from below, burrowing through.

“Purple worms,” said Tharivol with dread in his voice.

“If there are Purple Worms here, we’re going to be taking their venom so I can make poison.”

The two remained in the doorway, making it difficult for the others to see into the room.

Just then the two of them noticed a small stock of treasure, including books, scroll cases, and three sturdy looking chests. Laying next to the chests was a female Tiefling.  She was wearing a crimson cloak over tailored furs.

“She dead?” questioned Tharivol.

Fo shook his head. “No, she is unconscious. She is breathing, although it is shallow.”

Fo moved and picked her up gently.


 After a few moments, they started to feel the ground under their feet shake and tremble. The party spread out, preparing for whatever may burst from the ground. Adabon jumped on to the rope ladder, climbing up and taking a sniper position at the opening above the trophy room. Fo followed, simply using his connection to the Ki around him to leap straight into the air, landing softly on the ground above. Helayed the Tiefling woman down, and then looked back to see a Bulette burst from the ground, raining debris down on those remaining in the chamber below. Then a moment later, a second Bulette emerged from the crater in the back of the room.



During the investigation, the Grand Captain of the City Watch (Piergeiron Paladinson) inspected the body of Arthagast Ulbrinter along with the help of the Sandrew the Wise, Highpriest of the Temple of Oghma. At that time, Piergeiron ordered that Dagult Neverember be taken into custody. Captain of the Watch Rulathon put Neverember in chains. despite the protests from the Council delegates.

Ravengard stepped forward, shouting. “I demand to know what is going on!”

Neverember remained quiet, although it was obvious that he was enraged.

“This was found in the victim’s hand.” The Grand Captain smirked. “Clearly he ripped it from the murderer’s clothing.”

Piergeiron’s palm contained a pin of the Lord’s Alliance.

“That proves nothing,” growled Neverember. “Each member of our faction wears that symbol!”

Piergeiron smirked again, gesturing to Sandrew the Wise.

The loremaster cleared his throat, looking reluctant. “I used a spell that allows me to Speak with the Dead.” He sighed. “The victim named Dagault Neverember as his murderer.”

The room was silent for a moment, and then chaos reigned as City Watch dragged Neverember out of the estate.

Piergeiron Paladinson sneered. “There will be no trial this time.”

Lady Remi Raventree, now Widow Raventree, nodded to the Grand Captain before she turned away, sobbing.


When the Council gathered again, Lady Raventree stood at the head of the table replacing Neverember.

“My husband was a good man who served as a loyal Masked Lord of Waterdeep for many years. Keeping his secret was a burden for me, but I kept it with pride. And now, even in his … departing … I do not have time to grieve. A great Evil threatens our lands. I shall gather my forces, and we will march on the Well of Dragons. Will any of you join us, or shall you sit idle while we bleed and die?”

That said, she turned and walked out of the room.



¹ iconsmallrememberA small yellow canary is a well known symbol of the Dragon god, Bahamut. Bahamut is depicted as a massive, long and sinuous dragon with silver-white scales and blue, catlike eyes. According to Complete Divine and Races of the Dragon, the exact color is hard to specify and may depend on Bahamut’s mood, ranging from sky-blue to frosty indigo. About a quarter of the time, Bahamut wanders The Prime Plane in the shape of a human or some other guise. He is said to have been encountered as a frail old hermit, with the seven great golden wyrms that accompany him disguised as seven canaries singing sweetly nearby.

² Varram’s body when looted contains the following: A Type I Bag of Holding. (Wonder what’s inside?)



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