25 – 28 Tarsakh, 1489 D.R.



  • Thaed, 13th Level Human Cleric, Rank
  • Vrae’ree, 13th Level Drow Wizard, Rank
  • Brûne, 13th Level Human Paladin
  • Tharivol, 11th Level Moon Elf Fighter
  • Ki’rok, 11th Level Drow Ranger


  • Alric, 11th Level Human Paladin
  • Adabon, 13th Level Copper Elf Fighter
  • Fo, 13th Level Human Monk
  • Deiter, 6th Level Human Fighter
  • Abernacky, 6th Level Human Fighter
  • Tom, 5th Level Halfling Wizard

Across Faerûn, the name “Waterdeep” evokes feelings of wonder, awe, and envy. Although it is not the largest city in the Realms, the City of Splendors is undoubtedly the most famous and most cosmopolitan metropolis on the continent of Faerûn. Having grown rich on a steady diet of trade and industry, this crossroads city combines the best aspects of many cultures into a marvelous shining jewel. Waterdeep’s cultural patrimony is all of Faerûn, and its inhabitants are much richer for it.

Waterdeep remains the Gateway to the North, accessible by road, ship, Underdark passage, magic portal, or teleportation circle. Almost anything can be bought, sold, or found in its thriving markets and long-forgotten dungeons. Most adventurers worth their salt eventually make their way to Waterdeep in search of excitement, danger, or great reward. The trick is surviving and thriving in the grandest city of Faerûn.

Spymaster Pericolo Topolino
Spider Pericolo Topolino Perrafin

Our heroes had three nights of downtime before they needed to meet with the Harper Spymaster named “Spider” on the 28th.

Vrae’ree decided to visited the Tower of the Order to stock up on spell components and scrolls with the assistance of Coril Selûne. He also accessed the library of spellbooks there, learning some new spells and adding them to his already extensive repertoire. He also visited the Great Library housed within the Church of Oghma to research what he could about the Well of Dragons.

Vrae’ree also returned to the Mortuary to speak with the clerics of Torm. He asked to see the murder weapon found at the scene of Arthagast Ulbrinter’s murder. When Vrae’ree inspects the dagger left at the scene of Masked Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter he notices that the weapon is of Drow make. It was forged recently, and marked with the symbol of Drow House Daermon N’a’shezbaernon. It is unlikely that any Human could have noticed these two details.

Azbara Jos
Azbara Jos, Red Wizard of Thay

Vrae’ree also sought out information about Daermon N’a’shezbaernon. “Anybody Vrae’Ree knows of in or around Waterdeep associated with them?” “Might they already be a visible force there?” “Or is the house still supposedly nonexistent?” He visited Irbryth Authamaun and Connerad Brawnanvil to discuss this matter.  They are not a visible force in Waterdeep. The House was reformed under the direct intervention of Lolth after she became the Mistress of Magic. It is the second most powerful house in Q’Xorlarrin, a drow settlement founded around the forge of the ruined dwarven city of Gauntlgrym. Q’Xorlarrin was the sister city of Menzoberranzan. The leader of the House is Matron Mother Darthiir Do’Urden who is well known to have powerful allies within the Red Wizards of Thay.


Connerad says that he heard rumors that the Drow soldiers who compromised the Neverwinter complex called Helm’s Hold were from Q’Xorlarrin. Apparently they were able to capture the complex for awhile allowing their Illithid servants to feast on the minds of the residents. However, when the Cult attacked Neverwinter, Helm’s Hold Tower collapsed killing most of the Drow, Illithids, and their victims in the process. The only known survivor was a cleric named Adon who has since gone mad.

Vrae’ree also decided to use his investigative authority to ask the Red Wizard faction representative that is “allied” with The Council if they have any Intel on this plot to murder a Masked Lord and pin it on Neverember.  Ask them if there are any enemy agents that we should look for that might have been involved. Any hideouts used by Cultist Thayans or Drow who are working with them that we could investigate? Any known inns or taverns they frequent? Asking these questions while being very very careful to notice any subterfuge, holding back of info, lying, etc…

There are three delegates from Thay in Waterdeep: Lahnis, Phaia, and Syranna. These three are agents of Szass Tam who oppose the Cult because of their fanaticism for Tiamat. For them, bringing the Dragon Queen into the sets the stage for what Severin would like to do – a plan he calls the Thayan Resurrection—a larger plan to destroy Szass Tam and reclaim Thay. They would like nothing more than to see Severin defeated and cast down so that Szass Tam may take control of the Cult again and return them to the Old Ways of worshipping Dracoliches and the Gods of the Dead.

The Red Wizards of Thay have long sought to rule Faerûn. For centuries, they sought to do so through force of arms, but in recent years, they have turned to trade as part of a plan of economic conquest. Waterdeep’s wealth and role as Gateway to the North makes it an obvious choice in which to establish a Thayan enclave. However, the Lords of Waterdeep fl atly rejected the Three Laws of the Enclave when approached by representatives of Thay, refusing to compromise Waterdeep’s sovereignty or countenance the sale of slaves within the city. After several years of futile negotiations, the Thayans fi nally found a way around the restrictions. By reviewing public records detailing the chaos of Halaster’s Higharvestide, the Thayans deduced the presence of a forgotten two-way portal between Skullport’s Lower Heart District and Waterdeep’s Castle Ward. At the same time, representatives of Thay established an embassy in Castle Ward overlooking the Market between the Sutherlane, Mendever Street, and Trader’s Way. As an embassy, the building is considered sovereign territory of Thay, exempt from the laws of Waterdeep. This is where the delegates representing Szass Tam are staying while in Waterdeep.

Severin enlisted the aid of a group of Thayan exiles in his scheme to return Tiamat to the world. He needs the Red Wizards’ expertise in the rituals that will open the portal between Tiamat’s home on Avernus and the Well of Dragons. Without the Red Wizards, Severin’s plan can’t succeed. Therefore, it is difficult for the Red Wizard delegates to know exactly what any exile Red Wizards may be doing with or without Drow in Waterdeep.

Red Wizards at work
Red Wizards at work

Tharivol showed Vrae’Ree and Thaed the scrolls and gems he found in Varram’s Bag of Holding, allowing Vrae’ree to take what he wanted. Then Tharivol took what was left to The House of Gems to get a fair price. Afterwards, he spent some time studying maps and books with the assistance of Narthund Delzhour of Elfstone Tavern about the Well of Dragons to try and find weaknesses or strategic points to attack.

Kir’ok sold the ornate bow he found to the gentleman at Orsabbas’s Fine Imports for 100 gp. Later, in an attempt to learn more ab9ut the Well of Dragons, he visited Vlorn Keenear at the Grinning Lion.

Thaed returned to the Mortuary to speak with the attending clerics of Torm. He inspected each corpse of Arthagast Ulbrinter’s personal guard who were killed defending their Lord. Thaed uses SPEAK WITH DEAD on the various soldiers also killed during the attack on the Masked Lord’s manor. To his surprise, each body has already had SPEAK WITH DEAD cast on it recently, causing the spell to fail. However, in his frustration, he hears the voice of his god whisper to him a single name …. Arvik Zaltos.

The City of Splendors, Waterdeep

Brûne preferred to enjoy life for a little while, so he decided to carouse for a day or two. After that he decided to “get serious” and maintain his equipment, get some new traps, caltrops, and such at Balthorr’s Rare & Wondrous Treasures. Then he did some research at Zeltabbar Iliphar’s Font of Knowledge. Brûne focused on learning about the outlying area of the Well of dragons for potential allies/enemies and also how to defeat Dracoliches. He discovered that a Dracolich is much like any other Lich. It draws and stores its power within its Phylactery. If the Phylactery is destroyed first, and then the Lich is vanquished, the Lich will cease to exist.

Brûne also asked the Torm clerics at the Mortuary if there were anyone else killed at the time of Arthagast Ulbrinter’s Murder and then asked our “friendly” cleric of death (Thaed) if he would like to speak to those other dead people. He discovered there were at least ten of his personal guard killed at the scene as well.

Brûne also visited Thestus Thongolir at the Thongolir Villa to hire some other academics to look into the different factions of the Cult of Dragons that were recruited after they hatched the plan to release Tiamat (the wild elves, goblins, kobolds, orcs, Cult of Asmodeus, and Thayvian wizards) to get an educational guess of what their motives, abilities, weaknesses, strongholds might be and what they might do if Tiamat is released, or if the cult is disbanded. This course of action actually leads to an interesting discovery. Each of the various groups were operating out of the Karst Caves and being led by the Black Spider. However, intel from both the Harpers and the Emerald Enclave say that all of these groups of bandits (the wild elves, goblins, kobolds, orcs,) all had thug leaders who swore alligence to someone called Tesaesaes’os’crood which roughly translated from Wild Elf means “The Murderer of Crood.” Some people on the Council claim that King Melandrach ordered the Wild Elves to join with the Black Spider.

Brûne will send the findings to Lady Silverhand along with recommendations of how to preserve the interests of the Factions if the cult is disbanded, or if Tiamat arrives.

Brûne also tries to contact the Arcane Brotherhood to see if they have any recommendations of how to survive a world where dragons rule and Tiamat reigns, and get the sense if the Arcane brotherhood are plotting against humanity/civilization. He found out that The Arcane Brotherhood is a mercantile company and wizards’ guild that operated out of the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan. The organization was shrouded in mystery, as even its most high-ranking members were unknown until recently when Lord Neverember made contact with them. None of the Arcane Brotherhood agree to speak to Brûne at this time.

Brûne requested that the rangers of the Emerald Enclave capture a goblin for him to question. Delaan Winterhound, the Ranger delegate from the Emerald Enclave, says that there are some agents working in the Sunset Mountains trying to find a useable route for the armies of the Council. Rangers from the Emerald Enclave returned on 27 Tarsakh, 1489 D.R. with a captive goblin named Baeyag.

Baeyag, Golbin
Baeyag, Golbin

Brûne obtained the services of a Ranger who speaks Goblin and a Mage who can CHARM Baeyag, and first asks him what does he like to eat. Knowing that, Brûne sets up a three course dinner, with some mild but tasty spirits and invites the goblin to eat. Brûne eats. He invites the interpreter Ranger as well. He gets to know what motivates Baeyag, then uses those motivations or implications of motivations to get Baeyag talk about ways of getting into the Well of Dragons. If that doesn’t work he will try to trick Baeyag into talking. If he talks, he will ask him about what he does, what the different groups in the area are doing, how many of them and where. Where is all the treasure being kept. The top priority though is to find out information on different ways of getting into the well of dragons, and where the important things in the Well are located.Brûne keeps the goblin alive, restrained and/or confined after questioning with a promise of another meal just in case the Spymaster might need him.

Baeyag happily eats the meal having been CHARMED. The goblin’s motivations are simple enough, he wants his tribe to survive. The tribe has existed in the region near the Well of Dragons for a very long time. Working with the Cult provides his tribe with coinage that allows him to trade and gather wealth. Baeyag says that his people always use the Greenfoot entrance to the Well on the Eastern slope of the Well. Baeyag believes that the treasure is being held in the central chamber of the Temple of Tiamat within the Well. As far as ways in, there is also the four known entrances (refer to the early parts of this thread for details.) Baeyag smiles and descriobes how when he doesn’t return to his people because he is here, there will be some alarm and the tribes will go out looking to find him.

Brûne also goes to see King Melandrach, delegate for the Lord’s Alliance from the Misty Forest and the High Forest. He talks to the Elf King about information he has gained suggesting that someone naming himself “TesaesaesosCrood” had led a force of Goblins, Wild Elves, and Drow to help the Black Spider. Melandrach rejects this idea right away, saying that his son has already investigated accusations made by Brûne during the Council meeting and there was no real proof of such an alliance.

Waterdeep Docks
Waterdeep Docks

[This page may be updated as players continue to state that they are doing more things during downtime.]





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