Alhamazad’s Razor


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This sword was forged by Dwarven Craftsmen at the request of a well known wizard named Alhamazad. It was forged during a dark time when Dwarves were engaged in a seemingly unending battle with Orcs. The sword helped to turn the tide of the battle, striking the killing blow against the Orc tribe’s Warlord.

The sword is unbreakable with Dwarven runes worked on to its blade. These runes feature a prophecy : its bearer is destined to play a key role in future events involving the Dwarven Kingdoms. Whomever bears the blade becomes the “Chosen One.”

The Blade itself is a +5 sword and automatically inflicts x2 damage against Orcs.  It also have the Delver ability. While underground, the wielder always knows the depth below the surface and instinctively knows the direction of the nearest pathway to return to the surface. However, the blade has the quirk of being “loud.” When it is drawn from its sheath, it always makes a bone-chilling resonating screech of metal-on-metal.

Legend has it that the sword was lost in an ancient citadel when its last bearer was killed fighting against a tribe of Trolls. It lays somewhere in the darkness, waiting for its next Chosen One.


This magic item was created using the random tables in the 5th Edition DM Guide, pages 142-143.




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