The Draakhorn was a gift from Tiamat in the war between dragons and giants. It was once the horn of her
ancient red dragon consort, Ephelomon, that she gave to dragonkind to help them in their war against the giants.

The Draakhorn is a signaling device, and it is so large that it requires at least two Humans to hold it while a third  sounds it, making the earth resonate to its call. The horn has been blasted with fire into a dark ebony hue and is wrapped in bands of bronze with draconic runes that glow with purple eldritch fire. It is a work of masterful art and truely beautiful to behold.

The low, moaning drone of the Draakhorn discomforts normal animals within a few miles, and it alerts all
dragons within two thousand miles to rise and be wary, for great danger is at hand. Coded blasts were once
used to signal specific messages. Knowledge of those codes has been lost to the ages.

Those with knowledge of the Draakhorn’s history
know that it was first built to signal danger to chromatic dragons—a purpose the Cult of the Dragon has
corrupted to call chromatic dragons to the Well of Dragons from across the North.



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