An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices and worship are made for religious purposes. Altars are usually found at shrines, and they can be located in temples, churches and other places of worship.

Here are some suggestions for adding a little flair to an altar based on the type of deity worshipped.


  1. God of Time /Age: Clockwork Device or Sundial
  2. God of Fire: A large fire pit or smithy anvil
  3. God of Air: A large open rooftop marked with runes
  4. God of Water: A deep well filled with murky liquid
  5. God of Earth: A huge cave filled with heaping mounds of soil
  6. God of Fortune/Fate: A gambling den where the occupants are the sacrifice
  7. God of Death/Undead: The polished skull of a huge monster carved with runes
  8. God of Night/Heavens: A large telescope made of solid bronze
  9. God of Justice: A long thick length of chain wrapped around a cinder block
  10. God of Travel/Food/Drink: A table made of solid silver marked with tiny engraved runes
  11. God of Love/Sex: A huge plush bed
  12. God of Madness: A mirror that has been broken
  13. God of Pain: A huge torture wrack smeared with dried blood
  14. God of Protection: A fist-sized pendant featuring a pentangle
  15. God of Hunting: A pile of animal skulls
  16. God of Vice/Pleasure: The naked body of a man or woman loyal to the god
  17. God of War: A heap of corpses freshly taken from a battlefield
  18. God of Thieves: The withered hand of a deceased master thief
  19. God of Wisdom: A huge book that must be held by another priest
  20. God of Seas/Fish: A large ruined boat or ship covered with seaweed




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