tumblr_vaderanimatedgifIt is a time of civil war. A fledgling Alliance has emerged, challenging the Empire for control of the galaxy. Rather than challenging the Empire directly, theses rebels fight a war of attrition, destroying key Imperial targets and liberating numerous worlds. Galactic Emperor Palpatine has publicly denounced the Alliance now calling themselves “The Alliance to Restore the Republic” as terrorists and criminals.

Not long ago, Imperial Intelligence have uncovered a terrorist plot called Operation: Skyhook wherein the rebels plan to steal the secret plans for the Empire’s ultimate weapon. The Emperor has tasked his chief enforcer, Darth Vader, with hunting down these criminals. Using the vast resources at his disposal, Vader has moved throughout the galaxy, his personal guard of the 501st Legion at his side, leaving a swath of destruction in his wake.

Now, Vader has commissioned a sinister force of agents to apprehend a fugitive known as Quist. The agents have 28 standard hours to return the pirate alive to the 501st Legion. It is clear that failure is not an acceptable option.

Pursued by the Empire’s agents, the pirate known as Quist races through the barren landscape of Trid, Capital City of Danuta, unwittingly the custodian of information that may be the only hope to restoring freedom in the galaxy …




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