Darth Vader has selected a sinister force code named Task Force 77 for a special mission. They have 26 standard hours to successful apprehend the fugitive named “Quist” and return him to agents of the Empire. Failure will be rewarded with death.


Quist began his service in the Galactic Republic’s naval fleet during the Clone Wars but retired after a long career after the Battle of Polis Massa about two years ago. After his retirement he became a rather notorious pirate, running missions for the Hutts. His specialty seemed to be moving Stimspice and Heavy Weapons along the Kessel Run trade route. Although what he was doing was technically illegal, he never had any difficulty with Imperial forces. However, recently Imperial Intelligence Officers uncovered several documents and data-files indicating that Quist was now taking jobs from known terrorists working for the Alliance as a mercenary.

Quist was recently tracked to the backwater planet of Danuta where he was intercepted by agents of the Empire. The pirate attempting to elude capture, and was shot down just outside the capital city of Trid. Quist’s wrecked vessel was located about 3218 meters east of Trid, and evidence was found showing that the fugitive was fleeing towards the city.


He is considered armed and dangerous.  He suffered a wound during his service in the Clone Wars resulting in his left hand being replaced by a large knife. He is well trained with a Blaster and is an expert with Explosives and Demolitions.

It is believed that he will proceed to the city of Trid in order to make contact with an Alliance agent named Dana Crane. Crane is a known Alliance operative associated with Operation: Skyhook. She is wanted for Espionage, Treason, Terrorism, and Crimes Against the Empire. A galactic wide bounty for her capture (alive) is being offered by the Bounty Hunter’s Guild for 10,000 standard credits.

Dana Crane

Data complied by Imperial Intelligence Officers suggest that Quist has been to Trid on many occasions during his employment by the Hutts. He is well acquainted with the landscape and may have contacts that will help him in fleeing Empire agents. He is known to frequent Oro’s Trading Post, and the Blue Moon cantina due to his addiction to SurroStim Chew. He also known to have a licensed Z-95 Headhunter in storage at the Trid Spaceport housed in Docking Bay 6-3.

Task Force 77 is authorized to use all means necessary to apprehend the fugitive Quist, including Contingency Order 37. Order 37 is defined as “Capture of a single wanted person through the mass arrest and threatened execution of a civilian population. Follow-up directives include scenarios for body disposal of civilian casualties and suppression of communications.” However, Order 37 may only be issued by Former Senator Zoren Rassilere or Officer Vorn as a last resort.



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