starwarsrpglogoOperation Skyhook was the codename given to the Rebel Alliance’s operation to obtain the Death Star plans and ultimately destroy the Imperial battlestation, the Death Star.

It all started in the galactic year 2 BBY when high ranking Rebel leaders discovered the existence of a superweapon called the “Death Star” but were not fully aware of its true nature.

Rumors about the existence of a massive Imperial construction began with the rescue of the Genue; Rebel escapees from the Stars’ End secret prison facility informed the Alliance about Wookiee slaves working for a secret project. Meanwhile, investigations of the Imperial computer networks led him to uncover evidence of an “Imperial superweapon”, rumors confirmed through further inquiries among the galaxy’s underworld.

Operation Skyhook ultimately gathered fragments of information stolen from the Empire during missions to Polis Massa, Danuta, Toprawa, and finally Darkknell. These fragments of information were analyzed and produced relevant intelligence that led to the Rebels obtaining a complete technical readout of the Death Star in the galactic year 0.

Despite the efforts of Darth Vader and his 501st, the Rebels were successful in obtaining the secret plans. Vader had been commissioned by the Emperor to personally hunt down and eliminate all sources of Operation Skyhook. Although Vader cut a bloody swath throughout the galaxy in his quest, the Rebels were still victorious.

VaderendorUltimately, the information was to be delivered to the Star Cruiser Liberty, but a sudden appearance of the Star Destroyer Immortal caused the transfer to stop, and Tantive IV moved to Tatooine instead, in an attempt to fulfill its secondary objective: Former Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi had survived the Great Jedi Purge and was now hiding on Tatooine. Princess Leia had been instructed by her father to seek him out if she had no other option. Leia would now attempt to bring Kenobi to Alderaan, along with the stolen plans. Unfortunately, before the ship ever reached Tatooine, it was intercepted by the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator, the flagship of Darth Vader.

vaderfistsormtrooper501The Tantive IV was quickly disabled and captured, and though a small struggle was made by Rebels on board, the stormtroopers of the 501st Legion quickly eliminated the Rebel troops and captured Princess Leia. However, the boarding party was unable to find the plans, which had been secretly uploaded to the astromech droid R2-D2, who then made his getaway in an escape pod which led to the events of A New Hope.

Following the Destruction of Alderaan, a tracking bug was placed on the Millennium Falcon, which led the Imperials to the moon Yavin 4. To confirm Rebel presence on the moon, Palpatine ordered an expeditionary force to go to the moon and gain a stronghold on the planet. Following a rough skirmish in the vicinity of the Massassi Arena, Rebels were confirmed to have been on the planet.

With the Death Star en route to Yavin 4, Jan Dodonna devised a complicated plan to destroy the Death Star with only one pair of proton torpedoes. Red Squadron and Gold Squadron would fly into the Death Star Trench and fire into a secondary thermal exhaust port leading from the main exhaust port of the battlestation, which would cause it to explode from within.

The Battle of Yavin started soon after. The Alliance would emerge victorious as Luke Skywalker, Red Five, fired successfully into the Death Star through use of the Force.

With the destruction of the Death Star, Operation Skyhook ended successfully.



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