The characters are members of an Imperial Black Operations force called TASK FORCE 77. They have been selected by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Pirate calling himself Quist. They have 26 standard hours to successful apprehend the fugitive and return him to agents of the Empire. Failure will be rewarded with death.

In this scene, Task Force 77 arrives in Sector Three and prepares for landing in Trid Spaceport on the planet Danuta. They experience trouble within and without that makes their arrival somewhat difficult.


Danuta was a dull, barren brown planet in Senatorial Sector Three, thinly populated mostly by miners and hardscrabble farmers. Trid was the planet’s de facto capital. The primary population was the Hutts during the last days of the Old Republic, but later the Galactic Empire converted it to a client of the Brodsport Mining Corporation. Danuta was not notable, aside from its function as a stopover on one of the many hyperspace routes leading to Kessel. However, the city of Trid did have a B’omarr Order Temple. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial garrison on the outskirts of Trid was expanded into a full military installment, home to a sprawling yet secret research facility visited by the Imperial Security Bureau.


Task Force 77 was issued a YT-666 Light Freighter for transport to Sector Three. The interior of the ship (see below) was fairly simple: a large open cargo area intended for generic use either to house troops or stow cargo, a small mechanical station with access ports and computer terminals, and a cockpit with standing room and stations for two pilots. The freighter was stripped of weapons but was outfitted with enhanced sensor arrays and shielding.

insideofthedropship mandalorianred2

During the voyage, Vorn granted Sondar Visla access to the ship’s computer to research Quist using the databanks provided by Darth Vader. He was able to determine that Quist started his service in the Galactic Republic’s naval fleet during the Clone Wars but retired after a long career after the Battle of Polis Massa about two years ago.

After his retirement Quist became a rather notorious pirate, running missions for the Hutts, mainly a young gangster known as Roark. His specialty seemed to be moving Stimspice and Heavy Weapons along the Kessel Run trade route. Although what he was doing was technically illegal, he never had any difficulty with Imperial forces because he knew how to avoid them. However, recently Imperial Intelligence Officers uncovered several documents and data-files indicating that Quist was now taking jobs from known terrorists working for the Alliance as a mercenary and smuggler.

ig88assassindroidki11KI-11 hacked into the ships computers to retrieve and download any information stored within the same databanks. The Assassin Droid discovered that their were two files restricted for access only by Vorn and Senator Rassilore. However, KI-11 was only able to ascertain that these files referred to Imperial Dark Sites on Danuta. Dark sites are disavowed locations that do not officially exist and operate in secret.

Vorn became aware of KI-11’s unauthorized access to the computer system almost immediately. The Admiral attempted to order the droid to report to the cockpit, but it refused as it was nearly done downloading the information. Vorn activated the restraining bolt installed of KI-11 for just a situation like this, and then wiped the data from the droid’s memory banks.

Afterwards, the Task Force arrived at Danuta to find that several other ships were orbiting the planet in a holding pattern. They were contacted by Trid’s spaceport officer, ordering them to assume an orbiting pattern to await permission to land.

darjjedidanielliesketumblrTh’all Ma’Krey focused on Danuta and reached out with The Force to see if Quist was indeed on Danuta. The Jedi was not able to discern the precise locations, but did feel that Quist was on Danuta right now within the capital city of Trid.

Vorn identified himself and ordered the spaceport officer to explain the reason why they could not land. They were informed that the spaceport was locked down on the order of Magistrate Trin Koth due to an ongoing incident involving Alliance terrorists at one of the docking bays.

Vorn ordered the officer to provide landing coordinates for the docking bay saying that they would be providing assistance to the Imperial forces engaged with the terrorists. Vorn made sure to inform the officer that he was acting in the full backing of Darth Vader.

As the ship descended into the atmosphere, and raced across the blasted desert landscape of Danuta, they watched as the Trid Spaceport came into view. It was obvious that there was a firefight going on in the landing bay they had been directed to by the spaceport officer.

“Make yourselves ready,” ordered Vorn. “We’ll deal with these Rebel scum.”

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