The characters are members of an Imperial Black Operations force called TASK FORCE 77. They have been selected by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Pirate calling himself Quist. They have 26 standard hours to successful apprehend the fugitive and return him to agents of the Empire. Failure will be rewarded with death.

In this scene, Task Force 77 lands in Docking Bay 12-4 in the middle of a shootout between Rebels and Stormtroopers.

They discover an Alliance smuggling ship, and a clue stored with a datapad.


Danuta was a dull, barren brown planet in Senatorial Sector Three, thinly populated mostly by miners and hardscrabble farmers. Trid was the planet’s de facto capital. The primary population was the Hutts during the last days of the Old Republic, but later the Galactic Empire converted it to a client of the Brodsport Mining Corporation. Danuta was not notable, aside from its function as a stopover on one of the many hyperspace routes leading to Kessel. However, the city of Trid did have a B’omarr Order Temple. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial garrison on the outskirts of Trid was expanded into a full military installment, home to a sprawling yet secret research facility visited by the Imperial Security Bureau.


starwarsspaceportTask Force 77 came into Docking Bay 12-4 hot.

Admiral Yanger Vorn was at the helm, bringing in the YV-666 freighter down into the spaceport with unmeasurable skill. As the ship started to kick up dust, Sondar Visla opened the cargo hatch and looked down at the battlefield. He counted two Rebels wielding lightsabers … maybe Jedi.

There was a squad of six Imperial Stormtroopers shooting it out with a group of about 12 Rebels. Sondar gripped his blaster rifle and rocketed out the freighter with his rocketpack. He glided out perpendicular to the ship, already using his sensor array to run facial scans the Rebels below.

As the bounty hunter flew out of the cargo bay, RaaRaaDaa let out an angry howl, leaping out of the ship before it landed. The Wookie hit the ground running, bellowing obscenities at the top of his lungs. Th’all Ma’Krey followed close behind, igniting his lightsaber mid-jump. Meanwhile, KI-11 stepped up to the open bay door, leveling its grenade launcher on the Rebels.

Reptroops-ANHTh’all Ma’Krey focused on one of the Jedi dressed in flowing robes and wielding a gleaming blue saber. Before his boots hit the ground, he tossed his lightsaber through the air, aiming for the rival Jedi’s neck. It flicked and buzzed as it soared through the dust-filled air with eerie accuracy.

Zorren Rassilore called out to the Rebels on the ship’s loudspeakers, informing them that if they laid down their weapons and surrendered immediately, they would be given quarter. The former senator’s voice rang out with an authority that was obvious. However, none of the terrorists seemed to heed his commands. In fact, one of the Rebels started shouting orders to his comrades, telling them to bring down the freighter.

At that very moment, Th’all’s lightsaber struck its target. The Jedi was preoccupied, parrying shots from the engaging stormtroopers. The Jedi parried two blaster bolts, and then a red spinning blur flashed murderously across his chest, bouncing off his midsection. The Jedi cried out in desperation and pain, falling to his knees.

star-wars-rebels-stormtroopersshooting KI-11 fired two grenades into the center of the Rebel troopers. The first shot landed perfectly, blasting five of them to the ground. The second deviated wildly, bouncing out of Bay 12-4 and into Bay 12-2, exploding under a docked Lambda-class shuttle.

Th’all Ma’Krey caught his rebounding lightsaber, leaping into the air and bringing it down in an overhead strike on the fallen Jedi. There was a flash of red, a spattering of blood, and the Jedi’s head rolled end over end across the sand-covered tile floor.

Sondar landed on the spaceport deck, firing twice at the remaining Jedi. This one was a bit older, sporting a long beard and a tattered brown robe. The Jedi attempted to dodge out of the way, but failed miserably. The bounty hunter watched as his prey fell incapacitated to the ground, turning his attention to the Wookie.

RaaRaaDaa had already tackled  a Rebel solider, grabbing him and lifting him up off the ground to shake him so violently that the man’s arms ripped out of their sockets. He dropped that screaming soldier to the ground like a rag doll, and moved forward towards another solider. The trooper shouted out a terrified cry, firing twice with his blaster. The shots missed the charging Wookie, who scooped up a still smoldering casualty of the grenade blast. Swinging the corpse two-handed like a club, the Wookie proceeded to beat the soldier to death with his meat club.

Vorn took the com from Zorren Rassilore, nodding to the former senator. The Admiral announced to the terrorist soldiers that they were hopelessly outnumbered and if they surrendered they would be treated with all due respect. He commanded them to lay down arms and surrender. Vorn noticed that a few of the Rebel soldiers seemed shaken, and almost followed his orders, but one of the remaining Rebels started to give orders again adding to the failing morale of his men.

Facial recognition scans being run simultaneously by Vorn, KI-11, and Sondar returned the same information: both Jedi were known fugitives wanted for crimes against the Empire on Tatooine, and three other remaining soldiers were known Alliance Terrorists. One of them, Vestowh Neoreamm, was a starship pilot from Thani dressed in the typical orange jumpsuit.

rebelpilotsnip“I want those fugitives alive,” commanded Vorn over the team’s comm-links. “Except the Jedi, kill them all.”

KI-11 surveyed the damage from his grenades as he stood in the open bay of the freighter. It had managed to terminate four Alliance soldiers with his shot. It lifted the grenade launcher again, firing in the direction of the Rebel who was shouting orders. The droid’s array identified him as Alliance fugitive Ersee Solstigeist, a Rebel recruiting officer from Alderaan.

As the grenade flared over Th’all Ma’Krey‘s head, he pilfered the lightsaber from the Jedi that he had just struck down. He glanced over to see the other Jedi blasted twice by Sondar. As the bounty hunter stopped to watch the Wookie’s rampage, Th’all flipped through the air and landed next to the rival Jedi. The older Jedi groaned, bringing himself to his feet again just as Th’all landed next to him. The two met gazes off for only nano-seconds, the older man igniting his bright green lightsaber. But Th’all never stopped moving, going into a roll past his enemy and lashing out wildly with his saber. The red laser flashed out across the other Jedi’s torso, cutting him cleanly in half. Th’all lighted to his feet in a squat, and launched himself into the air, clearing a little over seven meters to come up in a defensive stance.

Sondar ran forward, kneeling down next to the freshly sundered Jedi. He grabbed the lightsaber, and then stood up to access the situation. Just then, the grenade landed at the bay of the Docking Bay, exploding behind the Rebels Vorn had ordered to be taken alive. The blast knocked both Solstigeist and Neoreamm to the ground, stunning them.

Blaster fire from the Stormtroopers dropped a few more Rebel soldiers, leaving only one solider standing amidst the remains of his comrades. With a glum look at the rampaging Wookie, the soldier dropped his weapon and raised his hands.

Tantive_IV_Battlefront_II_promoIt didn’t take long for Admiral Vorn to take command of the remaining Stormtroopers and have them round up any survivors. He ordered all of the bodies to be searched, and for the dead to be removed following normal protocol. Vorn made it clear that the Stormtroopers were now taking orders from him and him alone.

datapadstarwarsKI-11 managed to retrieve a data pad from the Rebel leader as the Stormtroopers dragged the Alliance leader towards Vorn and the other prisoners. The assassin droid looked over the pad, finding a single message sent only moments before Task Force 77 arrived at the spaceport. It was sent to someone named Anro Ordo. The message simply read: “Mission failed. Notify Heff.”

lightfreighterDuring the investigation, Task Force 77 discovered that the Rebels were trying to reach a YT-1300 light freighter. A cursory search of the ship revealed that it was prepped for takeoff and that the main cargohold was loaded with several crates of contrband blaster rifles and sixteen crates of Glitterstim Spice. The registration on the freighter turned out to be licensed to a known Alliance operative named Wedge Antilles. The ship had arrived on Danuta two weeks prior.

OldSenatorialFinally, Zorren Rassilore emerged from the ship and approached Vorn. “I’ve discovered something strange,” said the former senator. “I have been monitoring transmissions since our arrival and have identified two active beacons signaling on Alliance frequencies.” The man paused for only a moment, then continued with a dour tone to his voice. “One of them is centered in this very spaceport, practically in the center, If my calculations are correct, that would place it directly in the middle of the spaceport Cantina. And the other is repeating from outside of the city, most likely a distress signal from the crash site.”

Vorn nodded thoughtfully. “Good work, senator.” The officer clapped the older man on the back. “Very good work.” The officer looked around, and his mere gaze summoned the team to him in short order.

“Gentlemen,” said the Admiral with a terrifying slight grin. “We have work to do.”

 … to be continued in scene three …



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