Glitterstim was the name of a potent variety of the drug family “spice” that was mined on Kessel. It gave the user a brief, yet pleasurable telepathic boost and heightened mental state. It was a very valuable kind of spice, and tightly controlled by the Galactic Empire.


It was produced from the webs of spice spiders. The spice was photoactive, so it had to be mined in total darkness or else it would be ruined. After it was mined, it had to be packaged in an opaque paper to prevent accidental activation.

Glitterstim spice was quite addictive—casual use could quickly lead to full-blown addiction. “Cutters” were used to prepare the spice for sale. Glitterstim addicts were sometimes called “Glit-biters.”


Glitterstim is sealed into slim light-resistant cylinders. To activate the spice, one pulls back the opaque outer wrapper, exposing the inert glassy fibers of the spice to the light. As the spice reacts to the light, scintillating and glowing from within, it ripens. When the transparent fibers glow a pearlescent blue, they are ready to consume. The consumer takes the spice orally, which dissolves in his or her mouth with a crackling and faint show of tiny sparks.

Use of the drug conveys an experience that expands the mind of the user, causing him or her to tap into the Force for a short time. The user can read the surface thoughts of those nearby.



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