legobricksBricks are the basic element of Legos. A brick has straight sides and a rectangular shape whenyou view it from the side. Bricks come in many sizes but the basic brick is referred to as a 1×1 brick, the smallest orange brick in the picture above. The standard brick that most of use think of is the 2×4 brick, pictures in blue below.

legobrickLEGO bricks are like the real bricks that you might use to build the walls of a real house, and they can be used to create the walls of buildings. But you can also use them to create vehicles, cities, moats, airplanes, and many other things you can’t make with real bricks.

1×1 bricks can be used in many ways.  The 1×2 and 1×3 bricks are handy for creating columns for either true structural support or just for ornamental purposes. The longer bricks are the backbone of the detail-building hobby of the LEGO system. They have an enormous number of uses, one of which is as the standard walls for virtually any small building. They provide a reasonable to-scale rendition of the thickness that you would find in real-world walls.

When it comes to wider pieces, one stands out from the rest. For many
builders, the 2×4 represents a standard image of a LEGO brick. This piece
finds its way into models of every size and theme you can imagine. For many
projects, they represent the core material onto which other elements can be
added. They are the true “bricks” of the LEGO system.




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