When the great city called Neverwinter and its Castle Never were built, Lord Halueh Never gathered a group of the most loyal guards and named them the Neverwinter Nine.

Under his lead, the Nine and his army prevailed in the war with Illusk. However, two of them perished in the war, and one died as a traitor, for murdering his fellow Nine.

After his death, Halueth was buried in his tomb beneath Castle Never, surrounded by the statues of the first Nine. Their names were carved on the statues, with a phrase that defined them.

Each new Lord of has named his own Nine, the  title is opened only to the people who have greatly served Neverwinter with loyalty and were knighted by its lord.

In 1489, Lord Dagult Neverember chose his own Nine. They were fierce heroes who stood in the defense of not only Neverwinter but also Faerûn itself.

These Nine served Neverember faithfully, sacrificing themselves on a suicide mission against Tiamat and the Cult of the Dragon. and as Tiamat rose, they fell.

They were never seen again.

Before the end of his reign, Neverember had his Nine venerated and statues placed outside of the Halls of Justice. They still stand today, a reminder of a time of hope and freedom in Neverwinter.









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