Selûne (se-LOO-nay) is the Faerûnian goddess of light, the moon, and stars. She is one of the original goddesses spawned during the primordial creation of Faerûn. She has a twin sister named Shar.  Selûne and her twin are constantly at odds.

Selûne is one part of a Trinity of goddesses. When a being becomes a god or goddess, they tap into a mysterious and endless mystical power known as a “portfolio.” The portfolio serves to both empower and define the god. Selûne shares her power with Shar and another being named “The Mystryl,” also known as the Mother of All Magic.

Ao has forced the three gods to share their powers since the Time of Troubles in order to bring Balance.

This sharing of power with Shar is the source of the conflict between the two sisters. Selûne wishes to help the people of Faerûn, and Shar wants to enslave them. Selûne wishes to end the curse of Lycanthropy while Shar wants to spread it.  But since the two draw from the same pool of divine power, they are rarely able to defeat the other.

Also, sharing her power with The Mystryl is what links her to the Mother of Magic, whomever that may be at the time. For many years, Selûne shared her portfolio powers with Mystra. However, after the Spellplauge and Sundering, Mystra was murdered and replaced by Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders.¹

Selûne is an ancient goddess and her role in the multiverse has changed many times. Therefore, she has a diverse body of followers. Her followers fight evil lycanthropes and to battle the minions of Shar. Her temples The temple performs fortune-telling and healing for the common folk of Faerûn. Her priests practice self-reliance and humility.

Her dogma is as follows:

Let all on whom Selûne’s light falls be welcome if they desire. As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life. Trust in Selûne’s radiance, and know that all love alive under her light shall know her blessing. Turn to the moon, and she will be your true guide. Promote acceptance and tolerance. See all other beings as equals. Aid fellow Selûnites as if they were your dearest friends

Selûne has four main elite factions within her followers.

  1. The Shards are blue-haired angelic beings who act a emissaries on the Prime Plane. Their appearance or help displays the favor or protection of Selûne.
  2.  The Swords of the Lady are fanatical battle-priests who have dedicated their lives in a crusade against the forces of Shar. They are often referred to as “The Lunatics” as they usually only work within the light of a full moon.
  3. The Silverstars are are priests and spellcasters (usually female) dedicated to protecting the weak, vulnerable, and downtrodden of Faerûn.
  4. The Oracles of the Moon are a group of female diviners who perform fortune-telling rituals and are some of the highest bards and priests in the faith.

Clerics of Selûne pray at night for their spells in the direction of the moon. While most rituals of the church are performed personally and usually involve dancing and offerings of wine or milk, all clerics observe the Conjuring of the Second Moon and the Mystery of the Night. The Conjuring of the Second Moon is performed by a group during Shieldmeet.


¹ In our campaign, Lolth replaced Mystra as the Mother of all Magic after the events in the Rise of the Underdark.

²In our campaign, the Darkening spell spread throughout the entire realm of Faerûn once Lolth became the Mother of All Magic.



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