The Knights of Tiamat were formed by Serverin, and chosen from the ranks of elite soldiers in the Cult of the Dragon. The ranks include fighters, paladins, monks, and clerics who have dedicated their lives to serving the Dark Queen. After Tiamat’s successful rise from the Nine Hells, the order was formed to protect the goddess while she remained on the Prime Material Plane. Also called “Dark Knights” they have become a force to be reckoned with, conquering much of the region of Faerûn now controlled by Tiamat.


Every Dragon Knight is issued a set of jet black plate armor and a obsidian blade to mark their Order. They always wear their Dragon Masks into battle, allowing them to effectively communicate with their Dragon allies.

Their symbol is that of a human skull. The skull icon appears on shields, breastplates, and flags carried by the Dark Knights.


Dark Knights use Dragons as their mounts in battle. The Dark Knights primarily only bond with the Blue Dragons because they are considered to be the best fighters, and respect humans more than the other clans. The Highest ranking Knights usually ride Red Dragons, and on rare occasions a Cleric or Monk may be seen riding astride a Black Dragon. Green and White dragons are rarely used by Knights because these breeds simply do not interact well with mortal beings.

Dark Knights also field many handlers for their dragon mounts to make sure they are content. Most dragons carry only one rider into battle, but there are three person saddles that one member from each Order will ride into battle. Some of the larger dragons work as transports, and will drop their troops in on enemies.






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