My wife subscribed me to LOOT CRATE for awhile, and I got some cool stuff. However, when it came around to the LOOT CRATE when they were doing a fantasy theme with a featured D&D item, I was excited! And what did I get? A t-shirt that didn’t fit and a frickin’ bowtie both with the D&D symbol on it. Seriously? Not even one dice? (SIGH)

But then there’s DUNGEON CRATE and it begins TODAY!

As they say on the website: “Dungeon Crate was conceived on the idea that role-players needed a subscription box specifically designed for them, a box where every item can be used by the player. There are several “loot boxes” available for gamers and pop culture enthusiasts, but we kept hearing that only a few items pertained to Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or tabletop wargames. The other items tended to sit in their boxes unused.”

Read more about it on their blog.

I’m getting the first DUNGEON CRATE and then I will decide based on it if I want to get any more. Logic? I figure the first one will need to be epic to get people hooked.

We shall see!



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