Lough was born on Kythorn 15 1457 although he does not even know this fact. He was a foundling who was brought to a small monastery in the Snowflake mountains. Lough was raised within the temple, and taught the ways of a scribe. During his studies, one of the monks took note of him and started to teach him the Way of Shadow.

When the time came, Lough was transferred to the city of Waterdeep to work within the Temple of Oghma. Waterdeep is known for its worship of Oghma and Deneir, gods of knowledge and the spread of knowledge. Each church maintains a library of its own, but the two churches are in close contact because Deneir serves Oghma. The two churches have different reasons for collecting tomes and these reasons are reflected in the types of tomes that one finds at each of the churches. The church of Deneir, following its god’s interests, collects literature and maps primarily, but it also keeps records of ancient languages and artistic renderings. The church of Deneir is full of scribes that transcribe books for the ever-growing collection. The church of Oghma is interested in knowledge in general (nonfiction), and the songs of bards from across the lands. The two churches share their works to promote the universal spread of knowledge.

During his time in Waterdeep, Lough was recruited by The Lords of Waterdeep to act as a spy. He received his orders directly from a Drow named Mazzanoble. Lough has excelled at infiltration, intelligence gathering, and collection of lore. He also worked hand in hand trading information with the Harper Spymaster named Harper Spymster named Spider Pericolo Topolino Perrafin. Lough is aware that Spider is the reincarnation of the hero named Regis.

Before the fall of the Lords of Waterdeep in 1489, Lough was given possession of the keys to the Hidden Library. Besides their own libraries, the two churches cooperate in maintaining a collective secret library that the church of Deneir takes primary responsibility for. This secret library is located deep inside a mountain and is accessible only via a pair of portals. One portal links the library with the temple of Deneir, and the other links it with the temple of Oghma. Each portal is human-sized and activated by a key.

Lough is not aware that he is an Exarch of Deneir. During the Time of Troubles, also called the Godswar, the gods were stripped of their powers and cast to Faerun as mortals. During this time, some of the gods sampled the mortal life, and many times this resulted in offspring.

As it is written: “At Winter Solstice within the Year of the Scarlet Witch wise men shall gather to stand between Darkness and Light.”



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