Shensheng Cibie was born on Kythorn 15 1457 although this cannot be confirmed. He was a foundling who a priest of Selune discovered in the forest. He was returned to Waterdeep and a month later was adopted by a young couple from a small nearby village. Shensheng was raised to believe that his date of birth was the day his parents adopted him, Flamerule 15 1457. His parents never told him that he was a foundling.

His parents were murdered by a liege lord who was possessed by a demon. Shensheng was young, but he saw the demon clearly. The creature has haunted his dreams ever since. Recently, he discovered that the type of demon is a Nalfeshnee. He remembers that the creature had a rune etched on its forhead. He is still focusing his ki to fully recall the rune during meditation.

Shensheng studied at the Monastery of the Sun under several masters. He is respected within the Order but not well liked. In fact, he often found himself at odds with his fellow monks. This mainly comes from his lack of lawfulness in an Order that holds Law as sacred. Shensheng’s chaotic nature causes him friction within the Sun Souls. Because of this conflict, Shensheng holds a very low status and title within the Sun Souls.

Shensheng places a high moral value on personal freedom, thus he finds it difficult to follow many of the ritual practices of the Monetary. He has often voiced his opinion that he and his brothers should be able to practice the Way without following strict codes of tradition. His belief in following his heart as often brought him into conflict with his masters and brothers as he did not simply follow the rules and precepts of the Way as laid out to him. Although he often does the right thing in the end, he is usually out of sync and disorganized compared to those of his Order.

Shensheng is not aware that he is an Exarch of Selune. During the Time of Troubles, also called the Godswar, the gods were stripped of their powers and cast to Faerun as mortals. During this time, some of the gods sampled the mortal life, and many times this resulted in offspring.

He is one of the Magi summoned by an unknown but compelling force to the high forest on 20 Nightal, 1491 DR, during the Winter Solstice. He will have the opportunity to be a part of the spark that very well may return Light to the Faerûn.

As it is written: “At Winter Solstice within the Year of the Scarlet Witch wise men shall gather to stand between Darkness and Light.”



  1. Lonely DM says:

    Seems like a monk with the powers of light in a always dark campaign setting might be awesomesauce. Does the player use this to her best advantage during sessions?



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