Zhang was born on Kythorn 15 1457 although this cannot be confirmed as he was a foundling. A group of adventurers were delving in a cave network within the Earthspur Mountains, and encountered a herd of Remorhaz. After defeating the monsters, they discovered a baby lying within the nest. The child was unharmed and healthy. The adventurers delivered the baby to the Citadel of the White Worm in Damara.

Zhang was raised within the Citadel, and taught to be a scribe, philosopher, and sage. He was never considered capable enough to learn the ways of the monks of the temple.

Zhang chose to follow the teachings of Torm. He was taught the importance of god of loyalty, obedience, duty and truth. He was taught to live by a personal code taught by the traditions of the Citadel. Many of his beliefs may be viewed as “out dated” by those within general society, but it is because he holds dear the things that he was taught growing up in the Citadel.

During his studies, Zhang became aware of a book that many spellcasters, arcane and divine, had attempted to read but the book was locked firmly shut. No spells or strength could open it. Zhang touched the book, and it began to glow with a golden light, opening by itself. That was the day that he was told of his true heritage: he was a foundling discovered in the sacred nesting place of the White Worms of Damara.

Zhang studied the Way of the Open Hand within the Order of the Yellow Rose. He excelled at his studies and quickly rose through the ranks to obtain one of the highest rankings in the Yellow Rose. In fact, Zhang has recently become somewhat obsessed with the legendary monk known as Fo The Sixth Son who faced Tiamat one-on-one and through his sacrifice became a god. Zhang would like to some day find the Array that Fo was known to where while he served with the Neverwinter Nine. He is also aware that Fo’s twin, named Foo, serves the Cult of the Dragon. Foo is a traitor and the Citadel wants Foo dead.

Zhang is not aware that he is an Exarch of Azuth. During the Time of Troubles, also called the Godswar, the gods were stripped of their powers and cast to Faerun as mortals. During this time, some of the gods sampled the mortal life, and many times this resulted in offspring. The troubling situation for Zhang is that Azuth is no more. During the Spellplauge, Azuth was killed by Asmodeus who consumed his energy.

As it is written: “At Winter Solstice within the Year of the Scarlet Witch wise men shall gather to stand between Darkness and Light.”



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