Legends say that in the Year of the Awakened Sleepers, the demon called Shuluth was trapped within a living prison, doomed to remain on the Prime Plane.


Shuluth is a Yochlol assigned to oversee the events happening in the the town of Falstaff during the Rise of the Underdark. These lesser demons are handmaidens of Lolth, the Drow goddess of Spiders, dwelling amongst the outer planes and being regularly summoned by the Queen of Spider’s priestesses to witness sacrifices in the name of their dark goddess, Lolth.

Shuluth’s ultimate purpose¬† was to oversee the Temple of Three Faces beneath the city of Falstaff. The demon had waited for the time to come to pass when the Chosen One would be born. Demons exist out of time and space, seeing the past, present, and future all at once. Shuluth knew that the child was in danger and did everything in its power to prevent the child from being slain. The child was blessed of all three gods of the temple, including Lolth,¬†Tharizdun, and Corellon Larethian.


The child was known as the Bringer of Shadows, and would united the Elven races under one mighty banner to finally stand against their enemies to reclaim the ancient Fey birthrights stolen throughout the centuries by the other races of Man, Orc, and Dwarf. However, at the moment of the child’s birth, the baby was murdered by a wizard and his band of assassins.

Legends tell that these murderers also imprisoned Shuluth within the Living Prison. Sages claim that the wizard and his minions captures an Elf named Aesir who was possessed by Shuluth. They beat him until he was unconscious, bound him, and gagged him. Then they systematically rendered him helpless. They stabbed out his eyes, poked out his eardrums, and sliced his limbs in the proper places to make them useless. Afterwards, they bound his wounds to ensure that he would not die. Then the wizard used blood magic to cast a spell that caused Aesir to become catatonic in a permanent state of torpor. At that moment, Aesir became the Living Prison of Shuluth.




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