As it is written: “At Winter Solstice within the Year of the Scarlet Witch wise men shall gather to stand between Darkness and Light.”


Our heroes infiltrated the City of Lacc and entered the Broken Tower to recover the Havoc Staff. The Staff had been hurled to the Plane of Shadows by AO during the Time of Troubles, and had been guarded by a faithful paladin of Helm since that time. He was empowered by a Pool of Radiance that held the Staff.


Our heroes rested by the Pool, regaining their strength. When the time came, they reconnoitered the Clock Tower, finding that it was being attacked by a host of paladins from the Eternal Golden Flame Temple. The heroes had been at the Temple only a few weeks ago, observed as they departed for Gauntlegrym by the High Priest Adon Cordell.

The heroes decided that the battle was beyond their mettle, and that they would allow the forces of Light and Darkness to clash. Essentially, they were going to let them kill each other and then sort it out later. Instead, they decided to explore the city.


Their exploration brought them to the understanding that each building in the city was a representation of one of the countless worlds that had been consumed by Lacc. They found that most of the remaining residents of the city were oblivious to the current state of their situation, sequestered by some kind of powerful enchantments within each of the structures.

After spending about four hours exploring the city fully, they discovered that there was an entire complex of tunnels within the earthmote foundation of Lacc, a miniature version of the Underdark. It was likely that this was where they would discover Lolth’s lair and the command center of Lacc.


Returning to the Clock Tower, they discovered that the battle was over. Many warriors from both sides littered the interior of the Tower. Dark Elf slaves were carrying off the bodies, taking somewhere out of the tower and into the city. At the top of the tower they discovered a strange device: a spider-like clockwork warmachine called an Apparatus of Kwalish. It took them a little time to decipher how the device worked, but soon they were able to operate it effectively.

So now with the battle on the surface of Lacc complete, our heroes are faced with the nagging enigma of exactly what they should do next …


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