The Pendant of Ashaba was created by Ashaba, the first lord of Shadowdale. This pendant is worn by the lord or lady of the dale (currently Addee Ulphor). On command, it speaks the phrase “The bearer of the token be the one and true lord of Shadowdale.”

The pendant is silver and shaped like a crescent moon with its two horns pointing upward. It hangs from a fine silver chain. Lady Ulphor keeps the pendant secured in the upper levels of the Twisted Tower. This structure was created by the drow when they controlled Shadowdale. After the town was freed, it was renamed the Twisted Tower of Ashaba in honor of the realm’s first lord. Not everyone realizes that the pendant reinforces powerful magical wards when worn by the lord or lady of Shadowdale.

In particular, Lady Ulphor seems unaware of this, since she keeps the pendant in the tower. She has been manipulated by one of Valan Jaelre’s spies, who has convinced Lady Ulphor that the amulet is best put away for safekeeping rather than worn. The spy, Maedra, appears to be a human but is a doppelganger on the Jaelre payroll. The pendant can be activated through other means, albeit ones that are more difficult than simply having the lord or lady wear it. The most important ward lies under the Tower of Ashaba, where it seals underground passages that connect to the cellars beneath the tower. The Drow used these tunnels when they occupied Shadowdale, and Valan has long been planning to attack through them.

Few know that there are two pendants. The first was lost during the Time of Troubles. It looked differently than the other, being made of gold and shaped like a clockwork pocket watch.  Although none knew where it was hidden, it revealed itself during the Year of the Scarlet Witch, found by the Ones Who Walk who used it to return Elminster and Mystra to life since their divine spark was contained within the Savras Scepter.




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