1481: Baldur’s Gate (Part One)

Adran Half-Elven, Paladin of Tymora, and his brother, Adras Half-Elven, Cleric of Tymora, were joined by David the Gnome Wizard, Waraxe the Half-Orc Barbarian, and Darah Shendrel, a mysterious fighter in investigating kidnappings happening in Low City. They all met while staying at the Low Lantern.
They soon found themselves embroiled in an acrimonious dispute between The Flaming Fists and the Zhentarim. They were approached a Sergeant from the City Watch who invited them to a meeting with Flaming Fist Marshal Ulder Ravengard and Exchequer Favil Blanthe. The party was offered a contract with the Flaming Fists to help shut down some of the seedier establishments in the Low City that the Flaming Fist can no longer turn a blind eye to due to their illegal activities. The party accepted the offer.
They soon discovered that something strange was going on because it appeared that they were being sent to abduct proprietors who had stopped paying protection money to the Flaming Fist due to a decree by the Council of Four that the Flaming Fist’s police powers were being transferred to the Outer City while the Lower City would be policed by agents of the Zhentarim. Apparently there was a “transfer of power” time of five tendays and this has led to a “secret” turf war in Low City.
The party discovered that the kidnappings were odd in nature, mainly focusing on wealthy individuals from High City who have a child. The two would be kidnapped, usually while in transit to a place of routine visit. A few days later, the adult would return displaying psychotic features of violence and schizophrenia but without their children. Each of the returned adults have been rounded up by the City Watch and placed in The Church of Last Hope. The missing children have not been found and the Council of Four is trying to keep the events as “hush hush” as possible while the Watch investigate the case.
In addition, rumors of Aberrations appearing within the city were confirmed by the party when a large red-skinned horned beast attacked them in the middle of the street. Bystanders called the creature a “Bhaal-Spawn” The City Watch was overheard to say that this was the fourth such incident that has happened, and that the cemetaries were getting full due to all the victims.
The party decided to accept an offer from Laraelra Thundreth to use a Black Network safehouse as a staging ground to ambush the kidnappers. However, the ambush did not exactly go as planned. In any case, the party was able to defeat the kidnappers who they discovered were wearing insignia of the Flaming Fist.
But suddenly the night sky was blacked out by a swarm of hundreds of bats, flapping madly around them. When the swarm departed, they found that they were surrounded by Flaming Fist soldiers. The throng parted to reveal Marshal Ulder Ravengard.
“Well now, my servants,” he said to the party as he stepped forward. “You are all under arrest!”
[End Part One]


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