A Roper resembles a rocky outcropping. The monsters’s hide is yellowish gray and rough, and its body very malleable. They are usually pillar-like in shape, 9 feet tall, about 3 feet in diameter at the base, and about 1 foot in diameter at the top. The roper has a single yellow eye, and a maw ringed with sharp teeth. Halfway up its body are small bumps which are the sources of the strands it fires at opponents. Ropers have the same body temperature as their surroundings.


Ropers are not social and rarely cooperate with one another, though a group of them may be found in a good hunting spot. A group of ropers has been named a “cluster” by scholars with nothing better to do. They reproduce asexually by shedding some of their material in the form of a seed. Drawing nutrients from the cavern floor (and perhaps siphoning magical energies from deep within the earth), the infant roper grows to maturity in 2d4 weeks. Until that time has passed, the roper is indistinguishable from a boulder.

Ropers move using large, cilia-like appendages on their undersides, which also allow them to cling to walls and ceilings. They seldom leave the caverns, but may migrate to a new feeding ground when prey population drops too low in its current home. Migration usually occurs through underground tunnels, but when this is not possible, ropers travel late at night, sometimes giving rise to stories of walking stones.

Despite their monstrous hunger and evil natures, ropers are intelligent and insightful creatures. In the time between feedings, they learn about their surrounding underworld and contemplate philosophy. Religious pilgrims sometimes brave the lair of a roper for a chance to learn the creature’s insight.



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