Adran Half-Elven, Paladin of Tymora, and his brother, Adras Half-Elven, Cleric of Tymora, were joined by David the Gnome Wizard, Waraxe the Half-Orc Barbarian, and Darah Shendrel, a mysterious fighter in investigating kidnappings happening in Low City. This led to a confrontation with the Flaming Fist and Marshal Ravengard.

Even as Marshal Ulder Ravengard declared that our heroes were  under arrest for the attempted kidnapping, Ardragon Enopac of the Zhentarim dropped his Invisibility spell and revealed that several Zhentarim soldiers were within the Wide as well.

Additionally, two others watched from the shadows. The first was Lenny, a tiefling Zhentarium sorceror, along with Knubb, a Troll Ranger.

 Enopac and Ravengard argued back and forth until suddenly a odd little man dressed in the garb of a clown appeared, carrying David (still disguised as a child) in his arms. The man’s face was painted white, his hair was dyed bright green, and his mouth was smeared in crimson. He delcared that he was named “The Jester” and began to sing a happy song.

Everyone in the square became transfixed as The Jester called upon his inherent abilities granted to him by Bane. As an exarch of Maglubiyet, The Jester had even more powers than the typical Nilbog. And Bane granted him powers beyond his imagination.

He called himself “The Jester” in honor to the Nilbog tradition of each Goblin tribe having one jester. He started wearing bright clothing, painting his face, and dying his hair. He also used his abilities to appear as a Human so that he could fit in a little better on the streets of Baldur’s Gate. It was only a matter of time before he had his own spot staked out in the marketplace doing “magic tricks” acting the part of a clown.

The entire act was a facade for his goal of collecting a cult of children to follow him. He would use his magic to make them love him! He would be like a god!


The Jester danced his way through the crowd of transfixed soldiers, singing a song and laughing gleefully. It was not until Lenny had struck him several times with searing Firebolts that he realized not all were victims of his usually potent Nilbogism. The Jester reeled in pain, falling down and casting David into the nearby river.

The Jester watched David slowly sink into the water. “Oh my,” he trilled. “That child is going to drown!” However, once Lenny revealed that David was a Gnome, not a child, The Jester shrugged. He started to spin in blinding speed, and then drilled down into the cobblestone and earth, disappearing into a hole. The Jester was here for to kidnap children and if there were no children, there was no reason to stay!

Lenny dived into the water, rescusing David. But by the time the Tiefling pulled the still transfixed Gnome from the water, the Jester was gone.

Adras Half-Elven, Cleric of Tymora, Waraxe the Half-Orc Barbarian, Knubb the Troll Ranger, and Lenny the Tiefling, and Machiavelli the Human Fighter joined forces to pursue The Jester.

They climbed down the hole finding themselves in the sewers. Here they discovered and rescued a Red Wizard of Thay named Drazi who begged to be returned to the estate of Mistress Saj. The party escorted Drazi back to the estate, and were rewarded with a place to stay the night and 200 gold pieces for their trouble.

The Jester has already made a clean get away.

In the morning, Saj hired them to escort Drazi to the Thayan Embassy. They agreed, but later as they walked through the marketplace they were assailed by a small gang of teenagers who hurled insults and rotten fruit at them. Their main target seemed to be Waraxe and Knubb. Adras gave an inspirational sermon that quelled the wrath of the teenagers and influenced two fellow adventurers to join the party:  Osirian, a Half-Elf Wizard and Illah, a masterful fighter.

A moment later, there was an explosion from one of the nearby buildings. People in the marketplace scattered. Then  the chesnut vendor’s fire erupted in a gout, and two demonic-looking creatures stepped out of the flames. They looked like bloated Goblins, but they were Quasit, tiny shapechanging fiends.

These creatures were summoned when the explosion happened in the nearby building. A cultist interested in Elemental Evil was trying to open a gate to the Planes but miscalcuated. The explosion created gouts of Elemental Fire, opening small portals to the Elemental Plane of Fire.


The Jester was nearby in the marketplace playing with his kidnapped children. He had charmed them all, creating his own little cult to play, sing, andf praise him. When the exposion happened, The Jester told the children to hide nearby.

The Jester cast Invisibility on himself and climbed up on top of one of the vendor carts to watch the melee between the heroes and the Quasit.

Our heroes were able to defeat the creatures with the cunning assistance of Adras’s and Osirian’s magic.

During the battle, one of the Quasit did point out that The Jester was standing nearby. This prompted the Exarch Nilbog to leap into battle, summong his charmed children to come to him with the intention of acting as a wall of human shields. The Jester was having too much fun with his new friends for it to end now! But if a few of them had to die in the process, so be it.

 The Jester was defeated when Osirian cast Fireball and dropped it within the square, sculpting its magic to protect his friends but harm The Jester.
The Jester fell to the ground, wailing in anguish. “Bane,” he cried painfully. “Why have you forsaken me?”
When the Exarch collapsed into unconscioousness, Waraxe cut off The Jester’s head to return to the Emerald Enclave.
With The Jester dead, the children were released from the Nilbogism. The children were confused, but easily distracted by cookies given to them by Lenny.
Drazi revealed herself to be a Harper agent named Thundrazi, infiltrating the organization within Baldur’s Gate. She was able to vouch for the heroic deeds of the heroes with the City Watch.
“Be brave in the coming days,” said Thundrazi. “There is much corruption in this city, and Lower City is the core of the problem. Be vigilant against the Evil that dwells here.”
The party returned to Saj’s estate where they were awarded 200 gold pieces each, anf given a Healing Potion. Saj thanked them for their bravery and suggested that she may contact them in the future for additional help.



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