Stone Bridge was a bridge located along the River Dessarin, connecting the Red Larch and the Long Road to the High Forest. The bridge, which was also a temple to Moradin, was a single arch, about two miles in length and 400ft high, made of granite, roughly six paces wide, with no railings or barriers. The gigantic stone archway comfortably spans the widest spring flood of the Dessarin River. It is made of smooth, fused hard granite. The Bridge is only six paces wide and lacks railings or barriers, so anyone atop it is at the mercy of the wind, particularly in winter. It is the only crossing of the Dessarin River between Ironford and Yartar, though, so travelers and caravans frequently use it although with great care. It was originally built to connect the two halves of the realm of Besilmer, and was wide enough to cope with the broadest flow of the river in times of flooding.




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