Cyric is a megalomaniacal deity with an immense following. One greater powers of Evil on Faerûn, he is petty and self centered, and enjoys misleading individuals of all inclinations so that they perform acts that ruin their lives or so that they make fatal mistakes. He drinks the tears of disillusioned dreamers and broken-hearted lovers. He is not above an alliance with another deity as long as he thinks he can betray the other deity and come out ahead.

The Church of Cyric is a large cult devoted to the Prince of Lies. They are a fanatical organization made up of the dregs of Faerûn society, willing to give their lives for their diety.  They organize in small groups and sleeper cells, working together to kill those devoted to good and ultimately take over the world.

The Church is pledged to spread strife and work murder everywhere in order to make folk believe in and fear the Dark Sun. It supports cruel rulers and indulges in intrigue in such a way that the world won’t be overrun by wars (and thus fall under the sway of Tempus). His church is often beset by internal feuds and backstabbing, but this conflict has decreased in recent years as Cyric has gained better control of himself and has consolidated the churches of deities whose portfolios he took over.

Cyric’s clerics pray for their spells at night, after moonrise. Cyric’s church has few holy days and does not even celebrate the date of his ascension to divinity. Whenever temple acquires something important enough to sacrifice to Cyric, its high priest declares a Day of the Dark Sun to signify the holiness of the event. Eclipses are considered holy. They are accompanied by feasts, fervent prayers, and bloody sacrifices. Cyric’s clerics often multiclass as rogues or assassins. Because it was the place that Cyric aschended to godhood, Mount Waterdeep is a holy site for the Church.

The Church draws its powers from the madness of their worshippers. They are unpredictable, zealous, and self-destructive. They believe that in giving their life for Cyric they will be granted immortality as a demi-god.

The dieities of Faerûn obtain their powers through the faith of their followers. Therefore, Cyric grants his worshippers powers in exchange for murder, treachery, and deception against Cyric’s foes. Some assassinate influential individuals who govern or lead communitities. Others begin armed conflicts against temples and holdings of the more righteous faiths. Other follows simply want to “see the world burn” and carry out terrorist strikes in towns and cities. In any case, Cyric is pleased as long as kidnapping, murder, and espionage is being done in his name.





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