“It’s better to swim in the sea below
Than to swing in the air and feed the crow,”

  ― Benjamin Franklin

13 HAMMER , 1491 D.R.


Captain Solomon Negan calls the Deckcrew together. They asemble in a single file line quietly, knowing this is the expectation for the beginning of a jop. The Captain paces back and forth, his frightful club resting on his shoulder. He smiles causally as he discusses the job that he has for the crew tonight. He describes it as an easy one, a small cog in a much larger machine. Easy peasy. In and out. grab a few boxes, and replace them with others.

He  explains that there is a merchant ship called THE BLUE NIXIE dry-docked in the far North side of the harbor at PIER FIVE. It is being serviced by a local noble of HOUSE VANDERBOREN who recently purchased it for casual use. The ship has a team of eight guards who are on duty at all times supervised by an additional man named SOLLER VARK.

The Captain goes on to explain the odd nature of the job. The Deckcrew will load into a large shipping crate that has been infused with magic to allow it to be larger on the inside than out. They will need to make sure they have all entered the box and are waiting before the hour of twenty bells.


Inside they will find that there are already THREE BLUE DECOY BOXES. They will wait until the crate is transported by crane and wagon to THE BLUE NIXIE and loaded into the hold. Afterwards, when it is safe, the crew will emerge from the crate and locate THREE BLUE BOXES within the hold.  They will switch the BOXES and then depart THE BLUE NIXIE. Return the BOXES to the Lucille, and the job is done.


“This is simple,” says Solomon. “Easy in, easy out.” He eyes the crew, and gives them a wide disturbing smile.

“Don’t screw this up.”





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